July 2014

Off to Enemy Territory – 3 games in Detroit – Game One

Quintana on the mound

Quintana on the mound

The White Sox packed their bags and headed north into enemy territory to Progressive field for a three game series with the Tigers. Jose Quintana, Hector Noesi and John Danks will be in the office for the Sox during the series.

An injury update: Avisail Garcia took part in his second simulated game and Matt Lindstrom threw his first simulated game. Talk is Lindstrom could return mid August along with Nate Jones who is recovering from back surgery.

The line up today held the heavy hitters and speed racers of the team: Adam Eaton, Alexei Ramirez, Jose Abreu, Adam Dunn, Dayan Viciedo, Conor Gillaspie, Gordon Beckham, Alejandro De Aza, Tyler Flowers

Things were all quiet til the bottom of the second inning then the Tigers opened the scoring when,  Martinez tripled to deep right, getting Hunter home for a 1 – 0 lead, Hunter had gotten on the pond by way of a single,  Holaday sacrifice fly to left, increased the lead to 2 – 0 when J Martinez scored.

it wasn’t until the top of the fourth when the Sox got on board and from there they never looked back, Abreu started things with a single to right, Viciedo reached on an infield single to short moving Abreu to second. Gillaspie’s single cut the lead to one when Abreu  crossed the plate, Viciedo got home on a Beckham sacrifice fly to left. Score was tied at 2 all at the close of the inning.

Things went quiet again til the top of the seventh inning when the Sox exploded for seven runs, Gillaspie started things off with a single to right, Beckham on first safe to a throwing error moved Gillaspie to second,  Flowers singled to left, moving ,Beckham to second, Gillaspie scored on error by left fielder Davis. Eaton’s single to center loaded the bases, with Beckham at second and Flowers on third. Ramirez double to deep center cleared the bases and took the score to 6 – 2 in the Sox favor. Abreu (to left) and Dunn (to right) with home runs added runs 8 and 9. The score at the end of the inning Tigers – 2 and Sox – 9.

The Sox added two more in the top of the eighth when, Flowers and Eaton both reached on singles. Ramirez grounded into a fielders choice, getting Eaton out and moving Flowers to third. Abreu’s double to deep right brought Flowers and Eaton home for runs 10 and 11. The home half of the inning would be the last run at stealing the game from the Sox when, Martinez and Cabrera both reached on singles. Hunter was hit by Thompson who had relived Webb, which loaded the bases. Martinez grounded into a double play, but Cabrera got home, taking the score Sox – 11 and Tigers – 3. The final run of the day crossed home when, Holaday singled to center getting Martinez home taking the score to Sox – 11 and Tigers – 4.

Quintana would pass off to Daniel Webb for the seventh inning, Taylor Thompson would take the eighth and Jake Petricka would hold his never in the ninth to shut down the final run chase.



Congrats Frank Thomas – Welcome to Cooperstown

Frank Thomas induction to the Hall of Fame

Frank Thomas induction to the Hall of Fame

Dear Frank,

On behalf of my Sorority Sisters , we would like to offer our congratulations and tell you how really proud we are of you and your induction in to the Baseball Hall of Fame. We are so proud of you and all cried as watch your speech today. Some of us were there in the crowd cheering you on and some of us has to watch from our living rooms overseas.

For those of us who have lost our Dad’s especially we were all moved as you talked about the love and support that he gave you over the years.

The White Sox nation is so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.

I would like to dedicate this blog to Papa, He was a huge fan of yours and would grin ear to ear as he talked about you. He was looking down on you today, we all thought about him throughout the day. We know that our Sister misses you terribly and thinks of you often, Papa adopted all of us as his Sox daughters. Thank you Papa, We love you and Miss you.

Sending you are love and prayers as you  begin this new part of your life. Hall of Fame Inductee Frank Thomas


The Girls of the ChiSoxSisters Sorority



White Sox and Twinkies at Target Field, Games 3 and 4

Chris Sale on the mound

Chris Sale on the mound

The White Sox gave Chris Sale the keys for Sundays game against the Twins, and with a 2 – 0 lead in the series the Sox where hoping for great things from the ace and they were not in any way shape or form disappointed. Going 8 full innings with 12 strike outs and dropping his ERA to 1.88. It would be up to the offence to complete the day. I was over the moon to see that they have come through with great support for Sale, who would pass off to Daniel Webb to lock up the office.

Robin Ventura  would send in for battle – Adam”Spanky” Eaton, Alexei “Missile”  Ramirez, Jose “Cannon” Abreu, Dayan”Tank” Viciedo, Paul”Captain” Konerko, Conor Gillaspie, Tyler “T-Flow” Flowers, Alejandro De Aza, Gordon”Bacon” Beckham. (My sorority sisters and I love our boys nicknames)

*Game Three, Sox – 7 and Twins – 0

Chris Sale against Logan Darnell

Gillaspie opened the scoring in the bottom of the second inning when, Gillaspie doubled to right, Flowers hit a single which got Gillaspie home but would up on second due to a throwing error by Santana of the Twins.

The Sox 1 – 0 lead changed to 2 – 0 when in the third inning, Eaton and Ramirez both reaching on singles to center and left respectively, Abreu’s sac fly scored Eaton and moved Ramirez to second, Viciedo lined out leaving Ramirez at second,

Sale kept the Twins bats quiet through four innings when at the top of the fifth, Ramirez with Beckham on the pond thanks to his double, unleashed a home run to left taking the score to 4 – 0 in the Sox favor.

The Sox would do the rest of the damage in the top of the sixth inning when, Konerko and Gillaspie would both reach the pond on singles, Flowers double would bring home Konerko and hold Gillaspie at third, A De Aza single to right would being home Gillaspie and keep Flowers at third, Beckham’s sacrifice fly to center would bring Flowers home for run number 7.

Sale would keep the Twins score less for the rest of the day, with the final score Sox – 7 and the Twins – 0. Another brilliant outing by Sale only all the Twins 5 hits for the day.

*Game Four, Twins – 4 and the Sox – 3

Scott Carroll against Yohan Pino

A four game sweep is what the Sox were hoping for today but it was not meant to be. Ronald Belisario who was on in relief  and was rattled by issues with the umpire was not able to hold the Twins who were able to sneak in and steal the win.

Things were all quiet until the Twins half of the third when, Escobar started things with a double to right, who came home on a triple  by Santana, giving the Twins a 1 – 0 lead.

It took til the top of the sixth inning for the Sox to get on the board, Beckham opened the inning with a double to left, Nieto sacrificed to the pitcher to get Beckham to third. With Eaton on first thanks to an infield single, Ramirez sacrifice fly brought Beckham home for a 1 all game, Abreu’s double to deep left saw the fast-moving Eaton home for a Sox 2 – 1 lead.

The bottom of the seventh would see the Twins take the lead,  Parmelee singled to left, moving  Willingham to second, who had reached on a walk. On a Belisario wild pitch saw both runners advance, Fryer walked to load the bases and Guerra took over the mound office.  Santana’s sacrifice fly to center, got  Willingham home for a 2 all ball game,Parmelee to third, Fryer to second.  Fuld single to center, brought  Parmelee and Fryer home for a Twins 4 – 2 lead. Fuld was  thrown out at second trying to stretch the play.

The top of the eighth inning would see the Sox take a run at trying to putt out a win when Adrian Nieto would unload his first major league home run to left field to cut the Twins lead to 4 – 3. The Twins pitching and defense would shutdown the Sox taking away the sweep that they were looking for.

Monday is a day off before the Sox pack up and head up to Detroit for a three game series, with Jose Quintana,  Hector Noesi and John Danks listed as the pitching staff

The recent update of the Disabled list has some good news for Avisail Garcia who is listed to start a rehab assignment soon, Nate Jones continues recovery from back surgery and is throwing on flat ground. Matt Lindstrom is due to throw a simulated game any time soon, Zach Putnam in recovering from right shoulder inflammation, he is currently on the 15 day disabled listed. Felipe Paulino is still on the disabled  list with Right rotator cuff inflammation. He was moved to the 60 list on July 20th and there has been no new update.



White Sox and Twins at Target Field for a 4 Game Series. Games 1 and 2

Line up card for Game 2 of 4 with the Twins

Line up card for Game 2 of 4 with the Twins

The White Sox packed their bags and headed for Minnesota for a four game series with the Twins at Target Field. Hector Noesi, John Danks, Chris Sale and Scott Carroll are listed as starters for the series. After losing two of three against Kansas City, this is a much-needed confidence building trip. Monday is a day off before the boys head north again to Detroit for an important 3 game series.

*Game One  Sox – 5 and the Twins – 2

Hector Noesi against Phil Hughes

Noesi is finding his feet in the Sox starting rotation and a good solid outing would almost anchor him in that position. Daniel Webb and closer Jake Petricka  would be on hand to help Noesi get this fifth win on the season.

Things were all quite til the third inning when, Adam Eaton got on base with a double to left, Alexei Ramirez with a single to center brought the quick Eaton home for a 1 – 0 lead.

The top of the fourth saw a change in the office for the Twins when, Hughes turned things over to Deduno. Adam Dunn started things with an infield single to the catcher, Gillaspie moved Dunn to second on a single to right. De Aza loaded the pond with a single to center. They Sox were gifted a 2 – 1 lead when Tyler Flowers was walked, keeping the pond full. Eaton’s RBI single to center brought both Gillaspie and De Aza home for a 4 – 0 Sox lead at the close of the inning,

Top of the sixth would see the final run scored for the day by the Sox when, Gordon “Bacon” Beckham would explode with a double to left. De Aza would wind up on second thanks to an error by the pitcher Deduno, Beckham got home to take the score to 5 – 0 in the Sox favor.

The Twins would make a run at a come back in the bottom of the eighth when,Parmelee on first thanks to a single, Santana would homer to right , cutting the Sox lead to 5 – 2.

Petricka would come on in the ninth to shut down any chance of the Twins taking the win.

*Game Two – Sox 9 and the Twins – 5

John Danks against Kevin Corriea

It would be a slug fest all in the Sox favor for game two.

Top of the first would see Jose Abreu unload home run #30 to center field with Eaton and Ramirez already on the pond thanks to each getting on with a single. The Sox would close the inning with a 3 – 0 lead.

Danks would get taking for a run by the Twins in the bottom of the second when, Willingham reached on an infield single to third,  Suzuki taps a  sacrifice fly to left, bringing home Willingham for a 3 – 1 Sox lead.

Top of the third would see the Sox add two more runs when Ramirez would unload a home run to left for a 4 – 1 lead, Abreu and Viciedo both on with singles, Gillaspie hit into a fielders choice getting Viciedo out at second and moving Abreu to third. Beckham reached on an error by the third baseman Nunez, getting Abreu home and Gillaspie safe at third. At the close of the inning the Sox had a solid 5 – 1 lead.

The top of the fourth saw the Sox add two more runs when, Ramirez was gifted a walk and was moved to second on a throwing error by Corriea, Dunn’s single brought the speedy Ramirez home, Dunn moved to second on a wild pitch and found his way home when, Viciedo tapped a single into shallow right, taking the score to 7 – 1 Sox favor.

The pitchers quieted things down until the top of the sixth when the Sox added run number 8 when, Viciedo started things with a double to center, Gillaspie’s single to center brought Viciedo home. The Twins home half of the sixth saw them able to add two runs of their own when, Santana started things with an infield single, Nunez single moved Santana to second, Dozier flied out but it was enough to advance the runners. Colabello singled to left center, bringing  Santana and Nunez home, cutting the Sox lead to 8 – 3 at the close of the inning.

The seventh inning would see an exchange of home runs with Flowers to left and Arcia to right. At the close of the inning there was still at five run lead in favor of the Sox, 9 – 5. The only activity in the eighth inning would be in the mound office for both sides as Danks passed the keys to Guerra and Burton passed off to Duensing for the Twins.

The bottom of the ninth inning would see the Twins make one last run at trying to steal the win when, Willingham took a Thompson pitch to center. Thompson gave up singles to Suzuki and Escobar but got Fuld to pop out to Beckham at second to close the game.

Chris Sale on the mound on Saturday against new comer Logan Darnell, Scott Carroll will get a change on Sunday to regain some confidence when he goes up against Yohan Pino to close the series


The Royals for Three at the Cell

Jose Quintana on the mound

Jose Quintana on the mound

The White Sox welcome the Kansas City Royals for a three game series before hitting the road. Chris Sale, Scott Carroll and Jose Quintana all have the mound office keys for the series. I have no doubt that Sale will hold his own, Carroll is finding his feet again and could use a solid outing to regain some confidence, Quintana is more than overdue for a good solid outing teamed with a solid win.

*Game One  Chicago – 3 and the Royals – 1

Chris Sale against Jeremy Guthrie

Sale would have another massive outing going 7 innings allowing only 1 run with eight strike outs. Ronald Belisario and Jake Petricka would receive the mound keys from Sale to protect the lead and close the game. Guthrie would need help from Aaron Crow,former Sox Scott Downs and Jason Frasor in the K.C bullpen.

The bottom of the first would see the Sox get on the board when, Adam Eaton would start the offense with a single to left. Alexei Ramirez was hit by a pitch moving Eaton to second. Jose Abreu would load the bases thanks to an error by Danny Valencia of the Royals. Adam Dunn’s RBI single would get speedsters Eaton and Ramirez home for a 2 – 0 Sox lead.

Sale kept things quiet til the top of the fourth inning when, Alex Gordon would tap a single to left, taking second by a safe steal. Valencia single to center brought Gordon home to cut the Sox lead to 2 – 1.

The final run that the Sox needed to secure the win would come in the home half of the sixth inning with Dunn starting things off with a walk, Conor Gillaspie’s single to right would get Dunn to second, Alejandro De Aza walked to first to load the bases. Gordon Beckham’s sacrifice fly to right brought Dunn home for a 3 – 1 lead.

Sale would be relieved by Belisario in the eighth and Petricka would get the keys to lock up the mound office. 3 to 1 would be the final score of the night. With Detroit winning the Sox would hold at nine games out.

*Game Two – Chicago – 1 and the Royals – 7

Scott Carroll against Bruce Chen

It was an outing that Carroll needed to find confidence in what arsenal but the Royals would have other ideas. Carroll would need help from Guerra, Thompson, Surkamp and Webb to get through the game. Herrera, Davis and Holland would get the mound keys from Chen to get the win.

K.C would strike first with a Moustakas home run to right at the top of the second inning. Adam Dunn would add the Sox only run of the day at the bottom of the fourth with a home run of his own, tying the score at 1 all.

The top of  sixth inning would be Carroll’s undoing when Billy Butler opened with a double, Raul Ibanez doubled to right,  Butler scored giving K.C the lead and they never looked back. Norichika Aoki walked scoring Inbanez on a passed ball, taking the score to 3 – 1. Guerra had no time to get settled when an error cost the Sox another run when, by  Alcides Esocabar crossed home plate due to error by Guerra. Omar Infante sacrifice fly to right,  would get  Aoki home to give the Royals a 5 – 1 lead at the close of the inning.

The Sox would be shut down for the rest of the game on offense but K.C would add two more runs at the top of the eighth when  Moustakas would smack his second homer with Gordon already on the pond thanks to a walk from Surkamp.

The only saving grace for the day was the the Tigers were beaten by the Diamondback so the Sox would hold at 9 games behind. Once again the lack of experience in the bull pen would be the Sox down fall. It could be August before Chicago regain Matt Lindstrom and Nate Jones from the Disabled List.

*Game Three  Chicago 1 and the Royals – 2

Jose Quintana against James Shields

Quintana looking for a much-needed solid outing would have good stuff today but the offense would not give the needed support for a well-earned win. Belisario, Surkamp and closer Putnam would be called on to help shut down the Royals.

The top of the first would see, Lorenzo Cain take Quintana to deep center for a double, Hosmer’s sacrifice fly would bring Cain home for a 1 – 0 lead. The Sox would tie the score in the home half of the first with Jose Abreu already on second thanks to a double of his own would get home thanks to an Adam Dunn single. Tied at 1 all at the close of the first inning.

Things would quiet down and become a pitching due between both teams making changes in their respective mound offices when, with Putnam on to hold things and close, at the top of the ninth  with Moustakas on second, would go on to score the only other run of the game with a single by Aoki who was safe at second on a Flowers throwing error. The Sox would make a run at the bottom of the inning to try to win the game but were shut down by Holland on the mound for K.C

Pushed back to 10 games out the Sox head out on the road with their first stop at Target Field for a four game series with the Twins, then its back home for a day off before the league leading Tigers come to The Cell for a three game series.

Back to Work – Houston Astros at The Cell for Three

10455430_10153083073963298_5595204343433514617_nIt was back to work for the White Sox after the All-Star break and they welcomed the Houston Astros for a three game series. It was a three game series to kick off the second half of the season. Sitting 10 games behind Detroit it is going to be a real battle, if they can get the bull pen duties sorted its possible that they can be in it come the end of the season.

*Game One – Chicago – 3 and the Astros – 2

Jose Quintana against Scott Feldman

Houston would get on the board in the top of the second when, on an error by Dayan Viciedo, Matt Dominguez scored from a Jon Singleton, single to deep right. Robbie Grossman grounded to the short stop getting Singleton home for a 2 -0 Astros lead.

Chicago tied up the game at 2 a piece when Viciedo hit his 12th Home run of the season with Jose Abreu aboard in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Sox took the lead in the bottom of the seventh when Tyler Flowers double to center helped Alejandro De Aza make it home for a 3 – 2 Sox lead, which would turn out to be the game winning run.

*Game Two –  Chicago – 4 and the Astros – 3

Hector Noesi against Dallas Kuechel

With two outs on the board in the bottom of the second, De Aza started things with a single to left, Flowers added a single to left moving De Aza to second, Adam Eaton reached on an infield single to third and De Aza crossed home plate. Sox took a 1 – 0 lead at the close of the inning.

Bottom of the third saw the Sox take a 3 – 0 lead when Viciedo moved to second on a Paul Konerko walk. Conor Gillaspie tapped a single to center holding Konerko at second and Viciedo made hit home. De Aza walked to load the bases, with Flowers being hit by pitcher Keuchel that brought Konerko home for another tick on the score board.

George Springer got the first Astros run on the board with a solo shot to right cutting the Sox lead to just 2 runs in the top of the fourth. Top of the fifth Houston would tie things up when, with bases loaded Jose Altuve would drive a ball to deep left getting both Enrique Hernandez and Marein Gonzalez across the plate.

The final run of the day would be scored by Chicago in the bottom of the fifth inning when, De Aza on third with a triple, crossed home thanks to a Flowers double to left center. It would be a pitchers duel for the rest of the game with Guerra, Belisario, Petricka and closer Putnam for the Sox in the mound office with, Bass, Sipp and their Closer Qualls  in the Astros office.

*Game Three – Chicago 7 and the Astros 11

John Danks against Jarred Cosart

The Sox with a two game lead in the series, had the brooms ready for the sweep but it was not meant to be as Danks had a disappointing outing. With it already an Astros 1 – 0 lead, they extended their lead in the top of the third with a Altuve home run with Gonzalez already on the pond for a 3 – 0 lead over the Sox, that lead was extended by one when Dominguez singled to center,scoring  Chris Carter. Astros lead the Sox 4 – 0

Chicago finally got on board in the home half of the third when, Eaton when to third on a Jose Abreu single. Adam Dunn grounded out to first but Eaton made it home to cut the Astros lead to 4 – 1. The home half of the fourth saw the lead cut to 4 – 3 still in the Astros favor when, Gillaspie was safe on an infield single, De Aza walked, Gordon Beckham grounding out moved the runners to second and third. Catcher Nieto would be safe on first, with Gillaspie and De Aza getting home.

Danks would only make it to the middle of the fifth inning before the new kid in the bullpen Taylor Thompson would get the ball. Webb, Surkamp and Guerra who would get the closures nod for tonight. The Astros would need help from Downs, Veras, Sipp, Fields and Closer Qualls to get the win on the mound for Houston.

The rest of the run damage would come in innings five, six and seven, with the Astros adding three in the fifth with a Matt Dominguez home run, with Hernandez on board, Grossman’s single to center would bring two more home taking the Astros lead to 7 to 3 at that point. Chicago would get one back when Viciedo scored on a De Aza fielders choice. The bottom of the sixth would see the Sox tie things up at 7 each when, Nieto already on base would reach home on a Alexei Ramirez double. Abreu’s single would see him safe at second on an error and Ramirez making it a 7 – 6 Astros lead. Viciedo would be safe at second on the second Houston error of the inning and Abreu crossing home for a tie score at 7 a piece.

The final four runs of the day would be added by the Astros in the Seventh inning  Carter doubled, Dominguez doubled bringing Carter home. Another double by Lj Hoes would bring Dominguez home, the final two Astros runs would be scored when Gonzalez singled to center, getting  Grossman and  Hoes home for Astros runs 10 and 11.

With a 47 and 52 record has the Sox trailing the Tigers by 9 games. Kansas City who are sitting just 7 games back of the Tigers are on their way to the Cell for a three game series before heading on the road to the Twins. Chris Sale, Scott Carroll and Jose Quintana are the listed pitching staff for the Royals series.





Home Run Derby 2014

2014_Twins_All-Star_Game_LogoOne of the highlights of the All Star Break is the Home Run Derby. This year at Target Field in Minnesota.  This is a lot of fun and good to see the guys who are normally really series have some giggles.

Captains for this years teams are: Jose Bautista from the Toronto Blue Jays for the American League and Troy Tulowitzki from the Colorado Rockies for the National League. They both extended invites from their respective leagues.

Things have been changed up this year and it took me a bit to get my head around the changes. It should make things even more interesting. I don’t think there will be a clear-cut winner this year. I wish that Jose Abreu had gone but he felt it was not for him and his first priority is to the Chicago White Sox.

*Round One — Batting order will be determined prior to the event. The first hitter for the National League will be followed by the American Leagues first hitter and so on til all batters have had a go. They have 7 outs to work with. The player from each league who hits the most homers will advance to the third round.( 1 N.L and 1 A.L) The next two batters in the 2 and 3 position, will advance to the second round.

*Round Two — National League will bat first, the number 2 batters will decide if they want to bat first or second, 7 outs again to work with. Round two winners, one from each league will move on to round three

*Round Three — The top three from each league will battle it out for a place in the finals. Batter from each league with the most homers will advance to the finals.

America League joining Bautista are Brian Dozier from Minnesota, Adam Jones from Baltimore, Yoenis Cespedes (Defending Champion) and Josh Donaldson both from Oakland.

National League joining Tulowitzki are Todd Frazier from Cincinnati, Yasiel Puig,from LA Dodgers Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami and Justin Morneau from Colorado.

Frazier  up first – 2 homers with 427 his longest, Dozier  – 2 homers with 372 is longest, Tulowitzki – 4 homers, with 402 his longest, Bautista – 10 homers, with 428 his longest, Puig – 0 homers, Jones – 4 homers with 426 his longest, Stanton – 6 homers with 430 his longest. Donaldson – 3 homers, with 406 his longest, Morneau – 2 homers with 409 his longest, Cespedes – 3 homers with 418 his longest.

Swing off for National League, 3 balls – Frazier – 1 homer, Morneau – 0 homers, Frazier advances, Swing off for the American League 3 balls – Donaldson – 1 homer, Cespedes – 2 homers.  Frazier and Cespedes both move on.

**Round Two – Frazier – 6 homers, 415 his longest, Tulowitzki – 2 homers. Jones – 3 homers Cespedes – 9 homers, 416 longest

**Round Three — (National League) Stanton — 0 homers Frazier — 1 homer, 365 his longest. (American League) Bautista –  4 homers, 424 his longest Cespedes – 7 homers, 447 his longest.

**Final – Frazier – 1 homer against Cespedes – 9 home runs, 452 his longest.

2014 Champion is Cespedes, first back to back winner since Ken Griffey Junior in 1998, 1999





White Sox and Indians Series in Cleveland – Dunn and Abreu with Milestone Home Runs

10457158_10153066521313298_4898460798364882455_nIt was a quick trip to Cleveland for a three game series before the much-needed All Star Break.

*Game One

Hector Noesi against Corey Kluber

Top of the second inning saw the Sox open the scoring when, Conor Gillaspie starting things with a ground ruled double to right, Alejandro De Aza’s single to right moved Gillaspie to third, Adrian Nieto smacked a double to deep left getting Gillaspie across home and De Aza moved to third. Leury Garcia grounded to first, De Aza came home for a 2 – 0 Sox’s lead.

Cleveland tied up the game with a home run to right by David Murphy with Nick Swisher on board. The close of the second inning it was a 2 all ball game.

The fourth inning saw the scoring tie up again when Chicago started it with an Adam Eaton double to deep left scoring Garcia who had reach base on a fielders choice to second getting out Nieto. Giving the Sox a 3 – 2 lead, the Indians got that run back when Carlos Santana scored on a Chris Dickerson walk with the bases loaded. Close of the fourth saw scores level again at 3 a piece.

The fifth inning saw more scoring when Adam Dunn smacking career home run #453 to center for a 4 – 3 lead. That would be the last of Chicago’s scoring for the day. The bottom of the inning would see the Indians take the lead and never look back when Asdrubal Caberea scored on a Lonnie Chisenhall single, Caberea had safely stolen second. Nick Swisher’s home run to center with Chisenhall on board took the score to 6 – 4 at the close of the inning. The final run would be added by Michael Brantley off a Santana double to right. Final score at the close of the game would be in favor of the Indians 7 to 4

*Game Two

Scott Carroll against Zach McAllister

The top of the fourth inning would see Jose Abreu smack home run #29 of the season and with Sierra already on base taking over for Alexei Ramirez who departed the game with back soreness. Score at the close of the inning was 2 – 0 in favor of the Sox

The top of the sixth inning saw the Sox add another run when De Aza scored on an Adam Dunn single. De Aza reached the pond on a bunt single to third. The Bottom of the seventh the Indians finally got on the board when Chisenhall scored on a Jason Kipnis walk, which filled the bases.

Cleveland cut the Sox lead to one with a Brantley home run to right, taking the score to a 3 – 2 Sox lead. That would be the only offense that the Indians would be allowed for the day. The top of the ninth inning the Sox would add 3 more runs when, with Viciedo and Gillaspie both already on base would score, off a Gordon Beckham double to deep left. Garcia’s sacrifice single to right would bring Beckham home for a final score of 6 – 2 in the Sox favor, taking the series to one game each.

*Game Three

John Danks against Trevor Bauer

The bottom of the second saw the Indians open the scoring when, Ryan Raburn would cross home on a Yan Gomes  single to center. Cleveland would home that 1 – 0 lead until the top of the eighth inning when Chicago would make a run at taking the lead when, Gillaspie and Beckham would both score on singles by Beckham and Garcia respectively, taking the lead 2 – 1. Gomes home run with Swisher on base would take back the lead and the win by a score of 3 – 2.

Chicago would depart Cleveland with only one win from the series.

The All Star game is this week giving everyone a well needed break. The Home Run Derby on Monday the 14th and the all start game on Tuesday the 15th.


Milestone post 240 – My Sorority Sisters

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6One of the best parts of this job is that it has many surprises along the way, especially my Sorority Sisters.

They are the best group of Ladies that this long distance girl could ask for. We live and die for our boys, our baseball husbands. We have this dream that if we wont he lotto we would buy the team and turn this season around. Sure we are just a group of ladies but we see things in a different way.

We laugh and party when the boys win, come from behind and walk off. We hold our breath as the bull pen tries to save the day. We get our rally monkeys going. We look for the positives when we lose and support the boys on Twitter and the girls in Chicago go to the games as often as they can. They share their pictures and story’s with those of us over seas so we feel a part of the day.

Some of the girls are heading to Cooperstown and I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear how things went.

I don’t know if I can find the right words to express to the girls what they mean to me. You have been my life line and support more than you know. When I have good news to share, I can’t wait to tell you first. When it gets tough, you guys are there with support and love.

We have been through graduations and the loss of parents, friends and besties.

I cant wait to come home and meet all of you in person and have a super night at the ball park.

To my Sisters of the ChiSoxSisters Sorority – You are simply the best.

Sox Updates: Seattle and Sox Drawer Battle

Seattle Mariners came to The Cell for a three game series.

*Game One  Sox – 7 and Mariners – 1

Chris Sale against Roenis Elias

Sale was his brilliant self going the full distance striking out a career high 12 batters that he faced only allowing one run.

Bottom of the 4th saw Dayan Viciedo open the scoring with a home run to left center.

The home half of the 5th inning with the score already 3 – 0 in the Sox favor, Jose Abreu stepped to the plate smacking a home run with Adam Eaton on base for a 5 – 0 Sox lead.

The bottom of the 8th inning saw Paul Konerko add another home run to the board with Viciedo on base for a 7 – 0 lead.

The bottom of the 9th saw the only run scored by the Mariners and a Sox error. Corey Hart hit sacrifice fly to right getting Willie Bloomquist home and ,Robinson Cano to third on error by right fielder Moises Sierra.

*Game Two  –  Sox – 2 and Mariners 3 in 14 innings.

Jose Quintana against Flex Hernandez

Quintana had a good outing, striking out 10 and allowing only 4 hits while in the mound office.

Everything was quiet until the bottom of the 8th inning when Conor Gillaspie on second with a double, Viciedo matching Gillaspie’s double with a double of his own got him home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead. Tyler Flowers sacrifice fly to left helped Sierra get home for a 2 – 0 lead.

The bottom of the ninth inning saw Seattle tying things up when, Cano walked, Mike Zunino hit sacrifice fly to center, getting Cano home for a Sox 2 – 1 lead. Michael Saunders singled to right, sending Dustin Ackley home to tie the score at 2 a piece.

The top of the 14th saw the Mariners take the game when, Saunders reached on an infield single to first and safe at second on a steal.Brad Miller’s ground ruled double to left got Saunders home for the win.

*Game Three

Sox – 1 and Mariners – 0

Hector Noesi against Taijuan Walker

The only run that the Sox would need came in the bottom of the first when, with two outs, Gillaspie walked, Abreu’s single to center,Gillaspie was held up at third,Dunn took a walk and loaded the pond. Alexei Ramirez hit into a fielder’s choice to short getting Gillaspie home, which would be the shut out win for the Sox.

**Sox Drawer Battle – Chicago at Boston Red Sox

*Game one

White Sox – 8 and Red Sox – 3

John Danks against Brandon Workman

The top of the second, would have the White Sox open the scoring when, Viciedo would ground into fielder’s choice to first, A Dunn who reached the pond on a walk, scored on error by first baseman Mike Napoli, Ramirez to third, Gillaspie to second. De Aza would hit into a double play allowing, Ramirez to get home for a 2 – 0 Chicago lead,

The White Sox would add another run in the 4th for a 3 – 0 lead, By the bottom of the 5th inning it would be a tie ball game at 3 a piece.

The Sox would take back the lead with a Gillaspie home run with Abreu on board for a 5 – 3 White Sox lead. Things would quiet down until the ninth inning when, Chicago would add 3 more runs when, Viciedo started things with a walk, Moises Sierra would come in as a base runner for Viciedo and would be safe at second on a throwing error by Boston;s pitcher Burke Badenhop. A triple by De Aza would bring Sierra home, Beckham’s double would see De Aza cross home plate, Abreu was given a free pass to the pond, Konerko’s ground ruled double helped, Beckham score to close the inning at 8 – 3 in Chicago’s favor which is how the game would close.

*Game Three

Boston – 5 and Chicago 4

Chris Sale against Ruby De La Rosa

Top of the first and second innings would see Jose Abreu and Conor Gillaspie both hit home runs to give the White Sox a 2 – 0 lead, top of the fourth inning saw Chicago take the lead out to 3 – 0 when, Gillaspie already on second with a double to his credit, got home thanks to an error by Mike Napoli getting Viciedo out at second.

Top of the seventh saw Flowers coming home to take the lead to 4 – 0 on an Adam Eaton double to left.

The bottom of the 8th inning saw Boston cut Chicago’s lead to 4 – 3, and in the bottom of the 9th take the win when, Mookie Betts was hit by Javy Guerra, Daniel Nava doubled to deep left getting Betts home to tie the score at 4 all, Brock Holt’s game winning single brought Nava home for the 5 – 4 Boston win.

*Game Four

Jose Quintana against John Lester

The White Sox hoping to win the battle put the youngster Quintana in against the veteran Lester for Boston.

With Adam Eaton already on base Abreu’s double to left, brought Eaton across home for a 1 – 0 White Sox lead.

Boston took the lead in the sixth when S.Drew and D. Ross both reached base on walks. Drew scored on a Bradly Jr. single to right. David Ortiz double to center brought Ross and Bradly Jr. home for a 3 – 1 Boston lead.

The top of the ninth Gillaspie would tie things up, a home run with Ramirez on base for a 3 all ball game.

Boston would take out the game in the bottom of the 10th inning when, an Mike.Carp single to left would bring Nava home for the winning when, Nava had reached base thanks to a walk.

Final score – Boston – 4 and Chicago – 3. Series ends in a 2 games all tie.

The White Sox head to Cleveland for a three game series before the All Star break.