World Cup Soccer at The Cell

The Bosses at The Cell gave the boys who were on the field the other day during a practice a nice surprise when they turned on the big screen to show a game from the World Cup in Brazil. The boys got to see the Brazil vs Croatia match.

It was interesting to see the makeup of who the boys have chosen to follow, with the majority of the boys from South America you would think that they would pick their home countries but that was not to be.

Dayan Viciedo has chosen Brazil, Jose Quintana took  Columbia, Javy Guerra is cheering for Mexico, Andre Rienzo is a home country boy taking Brazil, Adam Eaton sticking with the USA, Alexei Ramirez is going with Argentina and the surprise at least for me is, Jose Abreu picking France.

White-Sox_Copa-2014Zach Putnam and Paul Konerko are joining Rienzo choosing Brazil, Alejandro De Aza is pairing up with Quintana and Columbia. Adam Dunn hooking up with Eaton and the USA boys, Scott Carroll has picked the Netherlands, Chris Sale has made the comment that England will leave the queue. Adrian Nieto has taken Spain.




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