Falling Apart – Questions and No Answers

What is happening to the White Sox?

They had an amazing opening to the season and seemed to be on track to have a great year but now things have fallen apart. Not just with the Sox but there is an alarming number of Tommy John surgeries being performed this year.

On the Tommy John surgery front numbers 21 and 22 are being performed at the time of writing this. The correct medical name for it is Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. It is a graft procedure which the ulnar collateral ligament in the medial elbow is replaced with a tendon from elsewhere in the body. It’s a  common surgery but most notability with baseball players. It was first performed in 1974 by Dr. Frank Jobe, who was an orthopedic surgeon, and team doctor with the Los Angeles Dodgers until his passing in 2014. Tommy John was the first pitcher to have the procedure. John won 288 games and is ranked in seventh place among left-handed pitchers. 

For baseball players now post surgery, Rehab takes one year for pitchers and 6 months for position players. Players can typically start throwing 16 weeks after surgery.

What is upsetting to my Sorority Sisters and myself, is WHY is this happening to so many pitchers and what needs done to take the stress of these guys. There will be so many great players out for a year and this is only May.

Now…The falling apart of the Sox and what we think needs done. I know that all fans have their opinions and this is just ours.

Pitching – We are happy to see that Robin is taking time with Chris Sale and his rehab. Not to rush him back and possible add him to the list of Tommy John surgery. We need Chris back in the rotation for stability and experience. None of us were happy when Jake Peavy was traded to Boston, Peavy was the stability that is needed now, he also helped with they younger ones coming up. Jose Quintana, Scott Carroll and Andre Rienzo are holing their own the best they can but they are needing some extra guidance that is just not there. Erik Johnson is in Charlotte to work on control issues, Felipe Paulino is on the disabled list with shoulder issues and no clue when he will return but the feeling is he also could use some time in Charlotte, to work on control issues.

Jake Petricka, Daniel Webb,  Scott Downs, Ronald Belisario are all wonderful in the middle order and have really locked things down. I think we have out closer in Matt Lindstrom who is getting stronger with each outing. We have seen that he is holding his nerve better and not letting the pressure of holding the game and closing get to him. John Danks and Zach Putnam could also benefit from some extra guidance when they are struggling.

One of the bright spots has been Tyler Flowers or T-Flow as the girls call him, he has come back after shoulder surgery a new player, both batting and behind the plate as catcher, gunning down runners trying to steal on him.

Hoping that at the end of the season that Adam Dunn is moved on or retires. New blood is needed in the line up and it is really hard to watch when you have bases full and don’t even have a swing at the ball, when you could drive in a much-needed run or two.

Adam Eaton is the shining star in the outfield and has back to the line up after being out with a hamstring issue. Alejandro De Aza and Moises Sierra have made too many mistakes of late in the outfield and that can’t continue. Bring back up Jordan Danks, who is better on defense and handy with a bat.

I know it is early in the season but The Sox have issues that need addressed now before we fall too far behind. Thanks to my sorority sisters for their input and inspiration for this blog.



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