Bundle Up – Game 2 at Wrigley Field

chicago_white_sox_logoMorning All

It is game two in the cross town classic and we are still at Wrigley Field, and Hector Noesi gets the nod from Robin for the start tonight.

Mike Huff is calling the game tonight with Steve Stone. Hawk is ill and not there.

Gran some bench and see you in the first

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – De Aza(strike out), Beckham(single to left,picked off at 1st), Abreu(ground to 1st),

Cubs – (pop out to short)(strike out)(ground to short)

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – Viciedo(fly out to right), Ramirez(strike out),Sierra(single to center) Flowers(ground to 2nd)

Cubs – (single to left,moves to 2nd on wild pitch)(strike out)(fly out to center)(ground to 3rd)

***Third Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – Semien(pop out to second), Noesi(strike out), De Aza(fly out to right),

Cubs – (pop out to left)(line out to left)(ground to first)

***Fourth Inning  **1 – 0 Sox

Sox –  Beckham(single to left,moves to second on wild pitch,on 3rd), Abreu(line out to right), Viciedo(hit by pitch), Ramirez(fielders choice to 2nd,runner scores) Sierra(single to center,picked off 1st),

Cubs – (fly out to center)(single to left,wild pitch)(fly out to right)(strike out)

***Fifth Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Flowers(strike out), Semien(fly out to right), Noesi(ground out to pitcher),

Cubs – (strike out)(single to center,safe at 2nd on steal)(strike out)(single to right,runner scores)(strike out)

**Sixth Inning  **1 – 1

Sox –  De Aza(strike out), Beckham(single,wild pitch), Abreu(strike out), Viciedo(strike out),

Zach Putnam now in the office

Cubs – (ground to 2nd)(strike out)(strike out)

**Seventh Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Ramirez(ground to short), Sierra(double),Flowers(strike out), Semien(strike out),

Cubs – (first to pitcher for the out)(short to first)(ground to first)

**Eighth Inning  **2 – 1 Sox

Sox – Dunn(ground to 3rd), De Aza(ground to 2nd), Beckham(HOME RUN), Abreu(double), Viciedo(strike out),

Scott Down in now in the office,

Cubs – (strike out)(strike out)(walk)(ground to 2nd)

**Ninth Inning  **5 – 1 Sox

Sox –  Ramirez(walk), Sierra(infield single), Flowers(double,runner scores) Semien(strike out), Danks(double,runners score)            De Aza(ground to 2nd) Beckham(pop out to 1st)

Cubs – (ground out to 3rd)(pop out to right)(walk)(strike out)



Sox 5 and Cubs 1. The series now moves to The Cell for the final two games in the series.

See you at The Cell


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