Cross Town Series, White Sox and Scrubs

10348388_872343279458827_1289033267509690070_nMorning All

It is autumn here in Australia and I am trying to warm up as I start this blog.

It is the cross town series with the Chicago Cubs or the Scrubbies as the Sox fans call them. It is 2 games in the scrubs terrority and 2 games in The Cell

Jose Abreu has been named AL player of the month and Rookie of the month for April, Congrats Yogi

Grab some bench and see you soon

**First Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Sox – De Aza(single,to 3rd on E – 5), Beckham(single), Abreu(Sac Fly,RBI to right), Dunn(ground out to 1st), Viciedo(ground out to 2nd),

Cubs – (ground to third)(strike out)(ground to short)

**Second Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Sox – Ramirez(ground to 3rd), Flowers(ground to 3rd), Semien(strike out),

Cubs – (ground to short)(ground to short)(ground to 3rd)

**Third Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Sox – Quintana (line out to right)De Aza(fly out to left)Beckham(ground to 2nd)

Cubs – (fly out to center)(strike out)(fly out to 2nd)

**Fourth Inning  **1 – 0 Sox

Sox – Abreu(ground to short), Dunn(double), Viciedo(safe at 1st on E – 3),Ramirez(strike out), Flowers(ground to 3rd),

Cubs – (ground to 2nd)(ground out to 3rd)(strike out)

**Fifth Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Sox – Semien(single to center,to 2nd on bunt,3rd on passed pitch), Quintana(Sac , 1 – 4) De Aza(,fielders choice to pitcher,out stealing 2nd)

Cubs – (ground out to 2nd) (fly out to center)(walk,safe at 2nd on steal)(walk)(ground to short)

**Sixth Inning  **1 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Beckham(strike out), Abreu(strike out), Dunn(strike out),

Cubs – (double)(sac bunt)(Sac Fly,runner scores)(ground to 3rd)

**Seventh Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Viciedo(strike out), Ramirez(ground to 3rd), Flowers(fly out to left),

Cubs – (Hang Woof’em to short – line out to short)(walk)(fly out to left)(

**Eighth Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Semien(ground to short), Jordan Danks(strike out), De Aza(ground to first),

Jose Quintana has given the mound pass to Ronald Belisario

Cubs – (strike out)(ground to pitcher)(ground to 2nd)

**Ninth Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Beckham(ground to short), Abreu(walk), Dunn(walk),

Cubs – (ground to 2nd)(single to left)(ground to short)(strike out)

**Tenth Inning  **1- 1

Sox – Ramirez(pop out 1st) Flowers(line out to right), Semien(strike out)

Jake Petricka takes over in the office

Cubs – (ground to 2nd)(pop out to short)(line out to center)

**Eleventh Inning  **1 – 1

Sox – Leury Garcia(strike out)De Aza (strike out)(single)Beckham(single up the middle)Moises Serra (line out to pitcher)

Jake Petricka has given the offices keys to Scott Downs, who has been replaced by Daniel Webb

Cubs – (fly out to center)(fly out to left)(single to right)(walk)(strike out)

**Twelfth Inning   **3 – 1  Sox

Sox – Dunn(strike out)Viciedo(strike out)Ramirez(single to right,CAREER hit 1,000,safe at 2nd on steal)Flowers (walk)Semien(double, run scores)Konerko(hit by pitch) De Aza(walk), Beckham(strike out)

Matt Lindstrom in the office

Cubs – (walk)(Rack’em up)(single)(strike out)


Sox – 3 and Cubs – 1  On the mound tomorrow for the Sox is Hector Noesi.

See you at Wrigley field.

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