Let’s play White Sox and Indians

1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nGreetings from Cleveland

It is game one of the three game series and we send John Danks to the mound to for the boys. Scott Carroll and Andre Rienzo complete the pitching staff for this series.

Grab some bench and see you for the first pitch

**First Inning  **5 – 0 Indians

Sox – Eaton(walk), Beckham(single to right), Abreu(strike out), Dunn(Rack’em up – double play),

Indians – (pop out to second)(single to left, safe at second on steal)(walk)(double to left,runner score,runner to 3rd)(single to right 2 runs score)(single to left)(double,runners score)(He gone – strike out)(fly out to center)

**Second Inning  **6 – 3  Indians

Sox –  Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(infield single), De Aza(single to left,runner score), Semien(fly out to center), Nieto(single,runner scores) Eaton(strike out), Beckham(wild pitch,runner scores)(strike out),

Indians – (fly out to left)(fly out to center)(HOME RUN)(walk)(ground to second)

**Third Inning  **7 – 3  Indians

Sox –  Abreu(strike out), Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(ground to 3rd),

Indians – (pop out to center)(double)(ground out to short)(single to center,runner scores)(

**Fourth Inning  **7 – 3  Indians

Sox – Ramirez(Duck Snort – drop in single to center), De Aza(single), Semien(single), Nieto(strike out), Eaton(rack’em up),

Indians – (pop out to first)(he gone)(ground out to 2nd)

**Fifth Inning  **8 – 4  Indians

Sox – Beckham(ground to short),Abreu(HOME RUN), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(rack’em up),

Indians – (HOME RUN)(single,out stealing 2nd)(fly out to right)(strike out)

**Six Inning  **12 – 5 Indians

Sox –  Ramirez(single), De Aza(fielders choice at 2nd), Semien(strike out), Nieto(infield single), Danks(replaces Eaton in center,walk), Beckham(wild pitch,runner scores, ground to short)

Scott Downs in the office and John Danks to the showers, Scott Downs is off to the showers and Maikel Cleto on the mound

Indians – (ground to second)(infield single)(double,runner scores)(walk)(ground to fielders choice, runner to 3rd,runner safe at 2nd on throwing error)(single to center,runners score)(runner at 2nd)(fly out to center)(wild pitch,runner scores)(ground out to 2nd)

**Seventh Inning  **12 – 5 Indians

Sox – Abreu(ground out to second), Dunn(single to short left), Viciedo(ground to third), Ramirez(ground to short),

Indians – (fly out to center)(ground to 2nd)(runner safe at 1st on error)(walk,runner to second)(ground to short)

**Eighth Inning  **12 – 5

Sox – De Aza(ground out to second), Semien(ground out to short), Nieto(double), Danks(strike out),

Matt Lindstrom in the office

Indians – (walk)(strike out)(Rack’em up)

**Ninth Inning  **12 – 5

Sox – Garcia(strike out), Abreu(fly out to right) Dunn(ground out to 1st),


**Final – Indians – 12 and White Sox – 5

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