2 Game series with Detroit

Jose+Quintana+Chicago+White+Sox+v+St+Louis+w1-OmePOAShlMorning Gang,

It is a short two game series with the Detroit Tigers before we page the over night back for a trip to Cleveland.

Jose Quintana in on the mound for the Sox with Justin Verlander on the rubber for the Tigers

Grab some bench and see you in the first.

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Tigers – (strike out)(strike out)(single)(fielders choice to 2nd)

Sox – Eaton(fly out to left), Beckham(fly out to right), Abreu(Hang woof”em to right – fly out),

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Tigers – (strike out)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Dunn(fly out to left), Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(foul out to 3rd), De Aza(fly out to center),

**Third Inning  **3 – 0  Sox

Tigers – (rack’em up)(strike out)

Sox –  Flowers(fly out to right), Semien(single), Eaton(double,run scores) Beckham(double,run scores) Abreu(strike out), Dunn(double,runner scores), Viciedo(ground to 2nd),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Tigers – (single to center)(fly out to center)(wild pitch)(single,run scores)(strike out)(pop out to 2nd)

Sox – Ramirez, (bunt single,out stealing 2nd)De Aza(pop to short) Flowers(ground to short),

**Fifth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Tigers – (pop out to short)(foul out to third)(strike out)

Sox – Semien(ground out to 3rd), Eaton(ground to 1st), Beckham(pop out to 2nd),

**Sixth Inning  **3 – 3

Tigers – (strike out)(ground to 3rd)(single to center)(single)(single,run scores)(single,run scores)(struck out)

Sox – Abreu(strike out), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(Rack’em up)

**Seventh Inning  **3 – 3  *Jake Petricka is now on the mound for the Sox

Tigers – (ground to 3rd)(ground to 2nd)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez, De Aza(triple) Flowers(walk), Semien(strike out), Eaton(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **3 – 3  *Ronald Belisario took over from Petricka in the office.

Tigers – (ground to short)(ground to short)(strike out)

Sox – Beckham(strike out), Abru(double), Dunn(intentional walk), Viciedo(strike out), Ramirez(fielders choice to second)

**Ninth Inning  **4 – 3  Tigers

Tigers – (strike out)(triple)(strike out)(bunt,safe at first,run scores)(ground to 3rd)

Sox –  De Aza(strike out), Flowers(fly out to deep center), Konerko(fly out to right)


Jose Quintana had his best outing today, 10 strike outs racked up. Just a couple of minor errors and we handed them the win. It his Hector Noesi on the mound for the Sox tomorrow





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