Closing Game with Tampa Bay

wallpaper_20100630123341_16490913112Greetings from a rainy home front.

It is game four in the series with the Rays and we have Andre Rienzo in the office today.

Grab some bench and see you soon

**First Inning  **2 – 0  Rays

Rays – (double to right)(Sacrifice to catcher, E – 1)(sac fly to center,runner scores)(ground to 2nd)(ground to first)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Beckham(fly out to center), Abreu(strike out),

**Second Inning  **2 – 2

Rays – (pop out to 2nd)(single)(fly out to right)(He Gone – strike out)

Sox –  Dunn(single to center), Viciedo(strike out), Ramirez(sacrifice to 1st), De Aza(HOME RUN), Flowers(single), Semien(strike out),

**Third Inning  **2 – 2

Rays – (ground to first)(single to right)(ground to first)(ground to 2nd)

Sox – Eaton(infield single,out stealing 2nd), Beckham(line out to right), Abreu(single to left), Dunn(fly out to right),

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 3  Sox

Rays – (fly out to left)(single to left)(double,run scores)(ground to 3rd)(single)(He Gone)

Sox – Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(triple,run scores) De Aza(ground to 2nd), Flowers(strike out), Semien(double), Eaton(fly out to center)

**Fifth Inning  **4 – 3  Sox

Rays – (line out to left)(fly out to center)(single to left)(fly out to center)

Sox – Beckham(fly out to left), Abreu(walk), Dunn(single)**(pitching change for Tampa Bay)**, Viciedo(double play)

**Sixth Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Rays – (ground out to 3rd)(strike out)(walk)(strike out)

Sox –  Ramirez(ground to 2nd), De Aza(walk,out stealing 2nd), Flowers(infield single), Semien(walk), Eaton(double,runners score) Beckham(walk), Abreu(fielders choice),

**Seventh Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Rays – (ground out to first)(single)(fly out to center)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Dunn(fly out to left), Viciedo(fly out to right), Ramirez(double), De Aza(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Rays – (strike out)(strike out)(ground to first)

Sox – Flowers(strike out), Semien(infield single), Eaton(walk), Beckham(strike out), Abreu(single), Dunn(strike out),

**Ninth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Matt Lindstrom on the mound

Rays – (ground out to second)(popped out to 2nd)(double)(ground to second)


Sox – 7 and the Rays – 3. Andre Rienzo has been named player of the game. The rain did come but it was late in the game and the boys were able to hang on for the win. The Detroit Tigers come in for a pair and then its off to Cleveland for three game before back for the cross town series.

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