Mile Stone post 200

White soxMorning all

When I started this blog I never thought how much things would change. I did this for fun and a challenge for myself and to work on my writing and now its become a way of life for part of the year.

I have always loved baseball and missed it for a while getting on with life here in Australia, missing home it was time to find a connection and I had to go back to my roots.

I love the White Sox and getting to do the research on past players and catching up on what I have missed. I am a football(gridiron) girl and always loved sports, they say to write about what you love so here I am

I need to give some “THANK YOU” out to some pretty special people:

**To my Hubby Phil and my Editor Dan, you guys keep me on my tows and make sure I take some time off for me when needed

**To my adopted White Sox sisters: Brenda, Sherry, Bridget, Laura, Rayda, I love you guys and the support that you give me I am so very grateful for. I can’t wait to hang out at a game with you

**To the Neutral Zone who found me and ask me to share my blog with them, and to the reader there, you are one of the reasons I do this

**To those at the Sports Breakfast in England, for picking up my blog and helping me to grow as a writer. In the short amount of time I have learned so much and looking forward to another great year.

**To those of you who follow my blog and those of you who I don’t know about, I THANK YOU for taking time to read my work and pass it on.


It has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see what is over the next hill.



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