Welcome to Detroit – Game One

flat,550x550,075,fMorning Gang,

It is game one here in Detroit and John Danks has the keys to the office. It is a rare case of having both the Danks Brothers playing today.

I will away for games two and four but will bring you an update as soon as I am able to report back with you.

Grab some bench and see you in the first inning

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – Danks(single to center,E – 8),Semien(Rack’em up – Double play), Gillaspie(fly out to right),

Detroit – (walk,safe at 2nd on steal)(pop to center)(fly out to center)(fly out to center)

**Second Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – Abru(ground to short), Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(fly out to center)

Detroit – (single to left)(walk)(walk)(fielders choice to 1st,run scores)(foul out to first)(pop out to 2nd)

**Third Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – , Ramirez(ground to second), De Aza(walk, safe at 2nd on steal), Nieto(ground to 1st), Danks(strike out),

Detroit – (ground to 3rd)(fly out to right)(double)(strike out)

**Fourth Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox –  Semien(double), Gillaspie(line out to 1st), Abru(ground to 3rd), Dunn(ground to short),

Detroit – (fly out to right)(infield single)(Rack’em up – double play)

**Fifth Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – Viciedo(fly out to center), Ramirez(foul out to catcher), De Aza(line out to first),

Detroit -(ground out to 3rd)(fly out to short)(single to left)(ground out to second)

**Sixth Inning  **1  0  Detroit

Sox – Nieto(strike out), Danks(fly out to left), Semien(strike out),

Detroit – (ground to 3rd)(ground to 3rd)(single to center)(wild pitch)(fly out to right)

**Seventh Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Gillaspie(double), Abru(double,Gillaspie scores) Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(double,Abru scores) Ramirez(double,Viciedo scores,E – 7) De Aza(hit by pitch), Konerko(foul out to 1st), Danks(Hang Woof’em – fly out to center),

*John Danks passes off to Ronald Belisario

Detroit – (can ‘corn – pop out to center)(single to left)(single)(Rack’em up)

**Eighth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox – Semien(ground to 2nd), Gillaspie(strike out), Abru(ground to 2nd),

Detroit – (line out to right)(double)(struck out)

**Ninth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(fly out to left), Ramirez(pop out to short)

Detroit – (ground to short)(double)(walk)(fly out to left)(ground to short)



John Danks had another great outing going 6 innings and allowing only 1 run.

Its game two tomorrow and it was supposed to be Chris Sale but he has been placed on the 15 day disabled list due to flexor muscle soreness. Charlie Leesman, who is with Charlotte has gotten the call up and will take Chris’s place tommorrow


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