Game 2 with the Indians – Chris Sale in the Office

10258563_10152814787378298_1861164726913982963_oMorning Gang,

It is game two with the Cleveland Indians and Chris Sale in the office for the game. It was a rough start yesterday but with 3 home runs, 2 from Jose Abru and 1 from Alexei Ramirez, the boys worked slowly for the win.

Grab some bench and see you in the first inning

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Indians – (fly out to deep center)(walk)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(walk), Abru(strike out),

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Indians – (strike out)(single to left)(single to right)(fly out to right)(strike out)

Sox – Dunn(ground to short), Viciedo(ground out to 3rd), De Aza(fly out to center),

**Third Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Indians – (ground to short)(line out to center)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez(single to center), Flowers(single to right), Eaton(double,runner scores) Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(sac fly,runner scores,runner to 3rd) Abru(fly out to third),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 0  Sox

Indians – (ground to third)(ground to pitcher)(ground to 2nd)

Sox – Dunn(single to center,reaches 2nd on a wild pitch), Viciedo(fly out to right), De Aza(single to right,runner scores,picked off at 1st) Ramirez(ground to 3rd),

**Fifth Inning  **5 – 3  Sox

Indians – (single to right)(double)(double,runners score)(single,runner scores)(fly out to center)(fly out to deep left)(pop out to second)

Sox –  Flowers(ground out to first), Eaton(walk,reaches 2nd on wild pitch), Semien(walk), Gillaspie(single,runner scores), Abru(strike out), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(walk), De Aza(strike out)

**Sixth Inning  **7 – 4  Sox

*Chris Sale has given the mound pass to Jake Petricka

Indians – (walk)(single)(runner scores on a fielder’s choice,error to 3rd)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez(strike out), Flowers(struck out), Eaton(single), Semien(single to left), Gillaspie(double,runners scored) Abru(fly out to deep center),

**Seventh Inning  **8 – 5  Sox

Indians – (single to right)(force at second)(ground to short)(single to left,runner scores)(strike out)

Sox –  Dunn(double), Viciedo(ground to short), De Aza(ground to third), Ramirez(single,runner scores,safe at 2nd on steal) Flowers(strike out),

**Eighth Inning  **9 – 5  Sox

Jake Petricka has given the mound duties to Maikel Cleto and Jordan Danks is now in right

Indians – (fly out to left)(walk)(double play)

Sox –  Eaton(walk), Semien(walk), Gillaspie(ground to first), Abru(intentional walk), Dunn(walk,run scores) Jordan Danks(strike out), De Aza(ground to third)

Ninth Inning  **9 – 6

Donnie Veal in the office to lock up.

Indians – (pop out to first)(fly out to left)(walk)(double,run scores)(ground to second)



It was a slow-paced game with pitching issues on both sides. No home runs hit tonight but it was a slow and steady work for the run and you could see in the Sox dugout the excitement and how appreciative they boys for each others efforts.

Its my day off tomorrow, so I wont be with you for the game.

Felipe Paulino is in the office on Saturday and Jose Quintana closes the series on Sunday before a day off.

See you soon



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