Time to play Indians and White Sox

1560536_10202631214720516_1054461945_nMorning Gang and Welcome Home

It is game one of a four game series with the Cleveland Indians as they make their first visit of 2014.

John Danks is in the office to start this home stand before a day off and the Boston Red Sox arrive at The Cell for the first “Battle of the Sox’s Drawer”

Grab a bench and see you for the first pitch

**First Inning  **2 – 0  Indians

Indians – (double to left)(walk)(single,runner scores)(strike out)(runner advance on wild pitch)(Sac fly)(ground to second)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(strike out),

**Second Inning  **2 – 1  Indians

Indians – (ground to short)(strike out)(fly out to center)

Sox –  Abru(HOME RUN), Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(strike out), De Aza(strike out),

**Third Inning  **3 – 3

Indians – (HOME RUN)(pop out foul to first)(safe at first due to error by Semien)(double play)

Sox – Ramirez(HOME RUN), Nieto(single to right,moves to 2nd on a wild pitch), Eaton(thrown out at 2nd,Nieto scores) Semien(walk), Gillaspie(strike out), Abru(strike out),

**Fourth Inning  **5 – 3   Sox

Indians – (single to center)(double play)(walk)(fielders choice to short)

Sox –  Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(single to right, safe at 3rd on a stolen,base and error), De Aza(walk), Ramirez (RBI Double),Nieto(strike out), Eaton(ground to 3rd),

**Fifth Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Indians – (ground to second)(strike out)(line out to center)

Sox – Semien(fly out to right), Gillaspie(strike out), Abru(HOME RUN) , Dunn(walk), Viciedo(fly out to right),

**Sixth Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Indians – (fly out to left)(strike out)(single to left)(double)(fly out to center)

Sox – De Aza(pop out to short), Ramirez(fly out to shallow center), Nieto(strike out),

**Seventh Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

John Danks has given the mound pass to Daniel Webb

Indians – (strike out)(ground out to pitcher)(ground out to second)

Sox –  Eaton(double), Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(single), Abru(safe at first,fielders choice,Eaton scores) Dunn(walk), Viciedo(ground to third),

**Eighth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Indians – (strike out)(ground to 3rd)(ground out to short)

Sox – De Aza(fly out to center), Ramirez(ground out to 3rd), Nieto(struck out)

**Ninth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Matt Lindstrom got the keys from Daniel Webb

Indians – (ground to 3rd)(ground to short)(ground to third)


After a rough first inning, the Sox come back to win by a score of 7 – 3 over the Indians, Jose Abru hit 2 home runs, along with Alexei Ramirez adding one of his own.

John Danks with the win, He pitched 6 innings, with 4 strike outs and 2 walks.

On the hill tomorrow is Chris Sale

It’s an 7:10 start

See you then

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