Game 3 – Hope Someone Brings the Milk

1492275_10152794293468298_1382802675_oMorning Kids,

It is game three with the Minnesota Twins and Jose Quintana is making his first 2014 appearance in the mound office today

It is time to pack the overnight back as we get ready to head out on the first road trip of the season, first stop is with Kansas City and then it is out west for the first visit with the Colorado Rockies for another three game series, we then head home to welcome the Cleveland Indians before a well needed day off on April 14.

Grab some bench, and will see you at the top of the first

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Twins – (ground to short)(strike out)(single to left)(strike out)

Sox – Eaton(walk), Semien(Fielders choice,safe at first) Abru(hit by pitch), Dunn(strike out), A.Garcia(pop out to short),

**Second Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Twins – (fly out to center)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – De Aza(HOME RUN), Ramirez(fouled out to first), Flowers(single to right), L.Garcia(strike out), Eaton(ground out at first,

**Third Inning  **3 – 1  Twins

Twins – (ground out to first)(wild pitch,safe at first)(E-3,runner safe due to obstruction)(walk)(fly out to left)(walk)(RBI double to right)(strike out)

Sox – Semien(strike out), Abru(ground out to third), Dunn(strike out),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 1  Twins

Twins – (strike out)(line out to left)(line out to center)

Sox – A.Garcia(ground to short), De Aza(foul out to 3rd), Ramirez(single to right), Flowers(single to right), L. Garcia(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **5 – 4  Twins

Twins – (ground out to short)(strike out)(single to shallow left)(single to left)(RBI double)(ground out to first)

Sox – Eaton,(triple) Semien(strike out), Abru(RBI double), Dunn(HOME RUN), A. Garcia(strike out), De Aza(foul out to catcher),

**Sixth Inning  **8 – 5

Twins – (pop out to short)(ground out to 3rd)(ground out to third)

Sox – Ramirez(ground to short), Flowers(single to left), L.Garcia(single to center), Eaton(walk), Semien(walk), Abru(RBI double), Dunn(strike out), A.Garcia(ground out to first),

**Seventh Inning  **8 – 7  Sox

Jose Quintana has gone to the showers and Nate Jones has taken over mound duties. Nate has handed off to Maikel Cleto

Twins – (walk)(walk)(wild pitch,runners advance, pop out to first)(ground out to short,runner scores)(RBI single)(fly out to deep center)

Sox –  De Aza(fly out to left), Ramirez(ground out to pitcher), Flowers(single to center), L.Garcia(pop out to right),

**Eighth Inning  **9 – 8  Sox

Twins – (HOME RUN)(ground to short)(ground to short)(ground to 3rd)

Sox – Eaton(ground out to pitcher), Semien(HOME RUN), Abru(fly out to center),Dunn(pop out to 3rd)

**Ninth Inning  **10 – 9  Twins

Matt Lindstrom is now in the office to close things out

Twins – (strike out)(walk)(ground to 3rd)(single,runner scores)(triple,RBI)(ground out to second)

Sox –  A.Garcia(short to first), Viciedo(single,error at second, safe at 3rd) Ramirez(line out), Konerko(ground out to 3rd)

**Final – In a pitching disaster the Twins win this one by a score of 10 for the Twinkies and 9 for the Sox. Sox take the series 2 to 1

Pack your travel bag as we are off for the first road trip of the season. It is a three game series with Kansas City. Your listed starters are Erik Johnson on Friday, John Danks makes his first 2014 start on Saturday and Chris Sale will close the series on Sunday

See you in Kansas city


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