April 2014

2 Game series with Detroit

Jose+Quintana+Chicago+White+Sox+v+St+Louis+w1-OmePOAShlMorning Gang,

It is a short two game series with the Detroit Tigers before we page the over night back for a trip to Cleveland.

Jose Quintana in on the mound for the Sox with Justin Verlander on the rubber for the Tigers

Grab some bench and see you in the first.

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Tigers – (strike out)(strike out)(single)(fielders choice to 2nd)

Sox – Eaton(fly out to left), Beckham(fly out to right), Abreu(Hang woof”em to right – fly out),

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Tigers – (strike out)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox – Dunn(fly out to left), Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(foul out to 3rd), De Aza(fly out to center),

**Third Inning  **3 – 0  Sox

Tigers – (rack’em up)(strike out)

Sox –  Flowers(fly out to right), Semien(single), Eaton(double,run scores) Beckham(double,run scores) Abreu(strike out), Dunn(double,runner scores), Viciedo(ground to 2nd),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Tigers – (single to center)(fly out to center)(wild pitch)(single,run scores)(strike out)(pop out to 2nd)

Sox – Ramirez, (bunt single,out stealing 2nd)De Aza(pop to short) Flowers(ground to short),

**Fifth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Tigers – (pop out to short)(foul out to third)(strike out)

Sox – Semien(ground out to 3rd), Eaton(ground to 1st), Beckham(pop out to 2nd),

**Sixth Inning  **3 – 3

Tigers – (strike out)(ground to 3rd)(single to center)(single)(single,run scores)(single,run scores)(struck out)

Sox – Abreu(strike out), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(Rack’em up)

**Seventh Inning  **3 – 3  *Jake Petricka is now on the mound for the Sox

Tigers – (ground to 3rd)(ground to 2nd)(strike out)

Sox – Ramirez, De Aza(triple) Flowers(walk), Semien(strike out), Eaton(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **3 – 3  *Ronald Belisario took over from Petricka in the office.

Tigers – (ground to short)(ground to short)(strike out)

Sox – Beckham(strike out), Abru(double), Dunn(intentional walk), Viciedo(strike out), Ramirez(fielders choice to second)

**Ninth Inning  **4 – 3  Tigers

Tigers – (strike out)(triple)(strike out)(bunt,safe at first,run scores)(ground to 3rd)

Sox –  De Aza(strike out), Flowers(fly out to deep center), Konerko(fly out to right)


Jose Quintana had his best outing today, 10 strike outs racked up. Just a couple of minor errors and we handed them the win. It his Hector Noesi on the mound for the Sox tomorrow





Closing Game with Tampa Bay

wallpaper_20100630123341_16490913112Greetings from a rainy home front.

It is game four in the series with the Rays and we have Andre Rienzo in the office today.

Grab some bench and see you soon

**First Inning  **2 – 0  Rays

Rays – (double to right)(Sacrifice to catcher, E – 1)(sac fly to center,runner scores)(ground to 2nd)(ground to first)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Beckham(fly out to center), Abreu(strike out),

**Second Inning  **2 – 2

Rays – (pop out to 2nd)(single)(fly out to right)(He Gone – strike out)

Sox –  Dunn(single to center), Viciedo(strike out), Ramirez(sacrifice to 1st), De Aza(HOME RUN), Flowers(single), Semien(strike out),

**Third Inning  **2 – 2

Rays – (ground to first)(single to right)(ground to first)(ground to 2nd)

Sox – Eaton(infield single,out stealing 2nd), Beckham(line out to right), Abreu(single to left), Dunn(fly out to right),

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 3  Sox

Rays – (fly out to left)(single to left)(double,run scores)(ground to 3rd)(single)(He Gone)

Sox – Viciedo(walk), Ramirez(triple,run scores) De Aza(ground to 2nd), Flowers(strike out), Semien(double), Eaton(fly out to center)

**Fifth Inning  **4 – 3  Sox

Rays – (line out to left)(fly out to center)(single to left)(fly out to center)

Sox – Beckham(fly out to left), Abreu(walk), Dunn(single)**(pitching change for Tampa Bay)**, Viciedo(double play)

**Sixth Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Rays – (ground out to 3rd)(strike out)(walk)(strike out)

Sox –  Ramirez(ground to 2nd), De Aza(walk,out stealing 2nd), Flowers(infield single), Semien(walk), Eaton(double,runners score) Beckham(walk), Abreu(fielders choice),

**Seventh Inning  **6 – 3  Sox

Rays – (ground out to first)(single)(fly out to center)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Dunn(fly out to left), Viciedo(fly out to right), Ramirez(double), De Aza(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Rays – (strike out)(strike out)(ground to first)

Sox – Flowers(strike out), Semien(infield single), Eaton(walk), Beckham(strike out), Abreu(single), Dunn(strike out),

**Ninth Inning  **7 – 3  Sox

Matt Lindstrom on the mound

Rays – (ground out to second)(popped out to 2nd)(double)(ground to second)


Sox – 7 and the Rays – 3. Andre Rienzo has been named player of the game. The rain did come but it was late in the game and the boys were able to hang on for the win. The Detroit Tigers come in for a pair and then its off to Cleveland for three game before back for the cross town series.

Mile Stone post 200

White soxMorning all

When I started this blog I never thought how much things would change. I did this for fun and a challenge for myself and to work on my writing and now its become a way of life for part of the year.

I have always loved baseball and missed it for a while getting on with life here in Australia, missing home it was time to find a connection and I had to go back to my roots.

I love the White Sox and getting to do the research on past players and catching up on what I have missed. I am a football(gridiron) girl and always loved sports, they say to write about what you love so here I am

I need to give some “THANK YOU” out to some pretty special people:

**To my Hubby Phil and my Editor Dan, you guys keep me on my tows and make sure I take some time off for me when needed

**To my adopted White Sox sisters: Brenda, Sherry, Bridget, Laura, Rayda, I love you guys and the support that you give me I am so very grateful for. I can’t wait to hang out at a game with you

**To the Neutral Zone who found me and ask me to share my blog with them, and to the reader there, you are one of the reasons I do this

**To those at the Sports Breakfast in England, for picking up my blog and helping me to grow as a writer. In the short amount of time I have learned so much and looking forward to another great year.

**To those of you who follow my blog and those of you who I don’t know about, I THANK YOU for taking time to read my work and pass it on.


It has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see what is over the next hill.



Games 2 and 3 with the Rays

1560536_10202631214720516_1054461945_nGame 2 on Saturday

John Danks against Cesar Ramos

Score White Sox 0 – Rays – 4

Things were quiet until the top of the second when James Loney and Logan Forsythe scored on a Ryan Hanigan double to left making it a 2 – 0 game.

Tampa added another in the top of the third when, Will Meyers doubled to deep right,Sean Rodriguez walked, Loney’s single to scored Meyers. Rodriguez and Loney were left on base to close their half of the inning.

The last of the scoring came in the top of the sixth inning when, Ben Zobrist walked and scored on a Desmond Jennings triple to center.

Final score was Tampa Bay – 4 and the White Sox – 0

Game 3 on Sunday

Scott Carroll against David Price

Score White Sox – 9 and Tampa Ray – 2

This is Scott’s first game with the White Sox.

Things were all quiet until the top of the fifth inning when David DeJesus singled to right, Yunel Escobar was safe at second on a throwing error by Dayan Viciedo from right field,scoring DeJesus. 1 – 0 Tampa Bay

The bottom of the sixth inning things exploded for the Sox when Gordon Beckham reached first on an error by Zobrist, Adam Eaton moved Beckham to second on an infield single, Marcus Semien set off fireworks when he laid down the perfect bunt, moving Beckham to third and Eaton to second, Beckham came around to score, and Eaton snuck home on two throwing errors. At that point the Sox took the lead 2 – 1, with Semien still on the pond, Jose Abreu hit another home run, ticking over the score board to 4 – 1. Dayan Viciedo scored on an Alexei Ramirez infield single and throwing error by the shortstop. By the end of that inning the Sox had scored 5 runs and Tampa Bay had committed 4 errors.

Things settled down until the bottom of the seventh inning when Beckham started things with a walk and a safe steal at second, Eaton’s single moved Beckham to third who scored on Semien’s double to center. A single by Abreu got Eaton and Semien across the plate ticking over the score board to Sox – 8 and Rays – 1. Abreu scored the final run on a single to center by Ramirez.

In the middle of the eighth inning Scott Carroll exited the game to a standing ovation from an appreciative crowd. He pitched 7.1 innings allowing 2 runs and had 3 strike outs and 2 walks. Daniel Webb took over on the mound, with Zobrist on base. Evan Longoria single to center, allowed Zobrist to score the only other Rays run.

Final Score – White Sox – 9 and Tampa Bay – 2

Final game on Tuesday has Andre Rienzo against Jake Odorizzi to close the series

Grab Your Sun Glasses, Here Come the Rays

Morning Gang,

We welcome the Tampa Bay Rays for their first visit of 2014, and Erik Johnson is on the rubber for us today.

Conor Gillaspie is listed as day-to-day with a sore hand.

Grab some bench and see you in the first

**First Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Rays – (ground to first)(ground to short)(walk)(runner thrown out at 2nd)

Sox – Easton(single to left,stole 2nd safe), Semien(strike out), Abru(single to left,runner scores) Dunn,(strike out) Viciedo(ground out to second),

**Second Inning  **4 – 1  Sox

Rays – (single to right,second on wild pitch)(pop out to short)(strike out)(walk)(single to left,run scored)(single to left,run scored)(double to right,run scores)(walk)(walk)(Runner scored)(ground out to short)

Jake Petricka came in to take over for Erik Johnson

Sox –   Ramirez(single to left), De Aza(fly out to center), Flowers(ground to second,Ramirez to 3rd), Beckham(pop out to second),

**Third Inning  **4 – 2  Rays

Rays – (Walk)(walk)(line out to second)(strike out)(ground out to second

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Semien(strike out), Abru(HOME RUN), Dunn(ground to 3rd),

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 4

Rays – (strike out)(single to center)runner to 2nd on wild pitch)(walk)(Double play)

Sox – Viciedo(single to right), Ramirez(single to left), De Aza(single to right), Flowers(single to center, runners score), Beckham(fly out to right), Eaton(double play),

**Fifth Inning  **4 – 4

*Zach Putnam takes over from Jake Petricka

Rays – (single to center)(fly out to left)(single to right,runner to 3rd)(Walk,runner to second)(double play)

Sox –  Semien(ground out to pitcher), Abru(line out to center),Dunn(ground out to 3rd),

**Sixth Inning  **4 – 4

Rays – (infield single to short)(fielders choice for out at 2nd)(strike out)(fly out to left)

Sox –  Viciedo(foul out to catcher),Ramirez(ground out to second),De Aza(foul out to 3rd),

**Seventh Inning  **4 – 4

Rays – (single to center)(double play)(fly out to center)

Sox – Flowers(double to Deep right center), Beckham(pop out to second), Eaton(ground out to second), Semien(strike out),

**Eighth Inning  **4 – 4

Ronald Belisario now in the office for Zach Putnam

Rays – (Line out to second)(ground to second)(ground to second)

*Pitching Change for the Rays.

Sox –  Abru(strike out), Dunn(single to left,Jordan Danks in to run) Viciedo(double play),

**Ninth Inning  **9 – 6 Sox

*Matt Lindstrom with the office Keys to lock up.

Rays – (walk)(HOME RUN)(strike out)(strike out)(walk)(strike out)

*Pitching change for the Rays

Sox – Ramirez(fly out to center),De Aza(double to deep center),Flowers(walk,L.Garcia in to run), Konerko(in to bat for Beckham,walk,Nieto in to run)Eaton(ground into fielders choice,De Aza scored, Nieto out, Garcia to 3rd) Semien(walk,Eaton to 2nd) Abru( GRAND SLAM to right(378 feet, Garcia,Eaton and Semien scored)


It was a nail-biting finish as the basic walk was looking like it was going to cause plenty of headaches today. Losing Erik in the second inning was when I actually began to worry. I love the never give up attitude this team has this year, there were not going down with out a fight. Jose Abru hit his first grand slam of his career.

In the office tomorrow is John Danks

See you at The Cell


Game Three with the Kitties


It’s game three here in Detroit and Andre Rienzo make his return to the starting rotation.

Alexei Ramirez extended his hitting streak to 2 and the number to beat is 17. He holds the club record, beating Frank Thomas on 15.

Grab some bench and see you in the first

**First Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Sox – Semien(strike out), Garcia(single to center,save at 2nd on steal) Abru(HOME RUN), Viciedo(lined out to right), Konerko(single to left)), Ramirez(strike out),

Detroit – (fly out to right)(single to center)(ground to second)

**Second Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Sox –  De Aza(ground to first), Flowers(strike out), Danks(walk,1 – 3 – 6 out stealing 2nd),

Detroit – (strike out)(fly out to center)(fly out to center)

**Third Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Sox – Semien(strike out), Garcia(double,out stealing 3rd), Abru(strike out),

Detroit – (walk)(Rack’em up – double play)(ground to short)

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 2  Tigers

Sox – Viciedo(single to center), Konerko(pop out to 2nd), Ramirez(double,Viciedo to 3rd), De Aza(rack’em up),

Detroit – (walk)(single to left)(ground to second)(single,runners score)(HOME RUN)(fly out to left)(fly out to left)

**Fifth Inning  **4 – 2  Tigers

Sox –  Flowers(ground to 3rd), Danks(strike out), Semien(fly out to center),

Detroit – (strike out)(fly to right)(ground to 1st)

**Sixth Inning  **4 – 2  Tigers

Sox –  Garcia(ground to short), Abru(strike out), Viciedo(foul out to catcher),

Detroit – (fly out to right)(single to center)(strike out)(fly out to left)

**Seventh Inning  **6 – 4  Sox

Sox – Konerko(single to center), Ramirez(fly out to center), De Aza(single to right), Flowers(walk), Danks(foul out to 3rd), Semien(GRAND SLAM), Garcia(ground to 2nd),

Andre Rienzo is off to the showers and Scott Downs is in the office,who is now handing off to Ronald Belisario

Detroit – (ground to 2nd)(strike out)(fly out to center)

**Eighth Inning  **6 – 4  Sox

Sox –  Abru(strike out), Viciedo(foul out to 1st), Konerko(double), Ramirez(ground to short),

Detroit – (fly out to right)(ground to 1st)ground to 3rd)

**Ninth Inning  **6 – 4  Sox

Sox –  De Aza(ground to short), Flowers(strike out), Danks(fly out to center)

Matt Lindstrom in the office to close the game

Detroit – (single to right)(fly out to center)(walk)(fly out to right)(ground to 1st)



Paul Konerko got hit #2300 in the game tonight. He also broke Frank Thomas’s total base record with 3,950.

Marcus Semien hit his first grand slam of his career, congrats to him

It is Jose Quintana in the office to close the series before we head for home. with a Tampa Bay Rays before the Tigers come to The Cell

I wont be with you tomorrow as it is ANZAC day here in Australia.

See you at The Cell


Welcome to Detroit – Game One

flat,550x550,075,fMorning Gang,

It is game one here in Detroit and John Danks has the keys to the office. It is a rare case of having both the Danks Brothers playing today.

I will away for games two and four but will bring you an update as soon as I am able to report back with you.

Grab some bench and see you in the first inning

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – Danks(single to center,E – 8),Semien(Rack’em up – Double play), Gillaspie(fly out to right),

Detroit – (walk,safe at 2nd on steal)(pop to center)(fly out to center)(fly out to center)

**Second Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – Abru(ground to short), Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(fly out to center)

Detroit – (single to left)(walk)(walk)(fielders choice to 1st,run scores)(foul out to first)(pop out to 2nd)

**Third Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – , Ramirez(ground to second), De Aza(walk, safe at 2nd on steal), Nieto(ground to 1st), Danks(strike out),

Detroit – (ground to 3rd)(fly out to right)(double)(strike out)

**Fourth Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox –  Semien(double), Gillaspie(line out to 1st), Abru(ground to 3rd), Dunn(ground to short),

Detroit – (fly out to right)(infield single)(Rack’em up – double play)

**Fifth Inning  **1 – 0  Detroit

Sox – Viciedo(fly out to center), Ramirez(foul out to catcher), De Aza(line out to first),

Detroit -(ground out to 3rd)(fly out to short)(single to left)(ground out to second)

**Sixth Inning  **1  0  Detroit

Sox – Nieto(strike out), Danks(fly out to left), Semien(strike out),

Detroit – (ground to 3rd)(ground to 3rd)(single to center)(wild pitch)(fly out to right)

**Seventh Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Gillaspie(double), Abru(double,Gillaspie scores) Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(double,Abru scores) Ramirez(double,Viciedo scores,E – 7) De Aza(hit by pitch), Konerko(foul out to 1st), Danks(Hang Woof’em – fly out to center),

*John Danks passes off to Ronald Belisario

Detroit – (can ‘corn – pop out to center)(single to left)(single)(Rack’em up)

**Eighth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox – Semien(ground to 2nd), Gillaspie(strike out), Abru(ground to 2nd),

Detroit – (line out to right)(double)(struck out)

**Ninth Inning  **3 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(fly out to left), Ramirez(pop out to short)

Detroit – (ground to short)(double)(walk)(fly out to left)(ground to short)



John Danks had another great outing going 6 innings and allowing only 1 run.

Its game two tomorrow and it was supposed to be Chris Sale but he has been placed on the 15 day disabled list due to flexor muscle soreness. Charlie Leesman, who is with Charlotte has gotten the call up and will take Chris’s place tommorrow


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Latest News and Possible Starters for Detroit


The latest Disabled List reads as follows:

Adam Eaton – Has a strained Hamstring and is listed as day today.

Gordon Beckham –  Is playing with Birmingham and could join the White Sox in Detroit. He is healthy but not swinging the bat as well as they would like him to be.

Jeff Keppinger – Had shoulder surgery before the end of last season. He has not responded well and last update he has not even been able to throw a ball

Felipe Paulino – Rotator Cuff Inflammation. No idea how long he will be on the list.

Nate Jones  – What was thought to be a hip issue has turned out to be a lower back problem and no return day is being discussed

Avisail Garcia –  Had successful surgery to repair the torn muscle in his shoulder. His return day is Spring Training 2015.

**Detroit Tigers –  The probable starting pitchers list for the four game series is as follows:

Game One)   John Danks against Anibal Sanchez

Game Two)  Chris Sale against Justin Verlander

Game Three)  To Be Announced (Andre’ Rienzo has been recalled to replace Felipe Paulino) against Drew Smyly

Game Four) Jose Quintana against Max Scherzer


Battle of the Sox Drawer – Game One

1602-Day-of-healing-ChiSox-wear-Boston-StrongMorning Gang,

It is game one in the “Battle of the Sox Drawer” as the Boston Red Sox have arrived for game one in a three game series at The Cell before we head out on the road for games in Texas (3 games with the Rangers), and then onto Detroit (4 games with the Tigers).

This will be a little strange today as Jake Peavy is on the mound for Boston, and Erik Johnson has the pass for the White Sox.

Grab some bench and see you in the first.

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Boston – (fly out to right)(strike out)(Pop out to third)

Sox – Eaton(strike out), Semien(foul out to first), Gillaspie (Strike out)

**Second Inning  **1 – 0 Sox

Boston – (strike out)(ground to short)(ground to second)

Sox – Abru(ground to short), Dunn(HOME RUN), Viciedo(double), De Aza(strike out),Ramirez(walk)Flowers(strike out)

**Third Inning  **1 – 0  Sox

Boston – (walk)(single to right)(fly out to deep center)(strike out)

Sox –   Eaton(fly out to pitcher), Semien(fly out to center), Gillaspie(ground out to pitcher),

**Fourth Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (strike out)(strike out)(HOME RUN)(strike out)

Sox –  Abru(strike out), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(single to center), De Aza(strike out), Ramirez(Strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (fly out to center)(ground to 2nd)(strike out)

Sox – Flowers(strike out), Eaton(fly out to center), Semien(ground to second),

**Sixth Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (ground out to 2nd)(fly out to center)(fly out to right)

Sox – Gillaspie(ground to pitcher), Abru(walk), Dunn(walk), Viciedo(ground to short), De Aza(fly out to left),

**Seventh Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (single to left)(line out to short)(walk)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox –  Ramirez(ground to short), Flowers(strike out), Eaton(infield single to second), Semien(line out to right)

**Eighth Inning  **1 – 1

Boston – (ground to 2nd)(ground to 2nd)(strike out)

Sox –  Gillaspie(line out to left), Abru(ground to 2nd), Dunn(Walk,L.Garcia in to run), Viciedo(ground to pitcher),

**Ninth Inning  **2 – 1

Boston – (ground to short)(walk)(strike out,wild pitch)(hit by pitch)(ground to pitcher)

Sox –  De Aza(walk,caught stealing 2nd), Ramirez(single to left), Flowers(strike out), Eaton(walk), Semien(safe on first due to E – 6, Ramirez scores)



Boston – 1 and White Sox 2


One More and Then Time for the Road

Jordan-Danks-Rick-Osentoski1Morning Game and Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this morning

It is game three in the final series today and Erik Johnson is in the office, who has an ERA of 6.35

Grab some bench and see you shortly

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Sox – Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(pop to left), Abru(strike out),

Rangers – (walk,tossed trying to steal second)(fly out to center)(ground to 3rd)

**Second Inning  **0 – 0

Sox –  Dunn(fly out to left), Viciedo(ground to 2nd), Ramirez(single), De Aza(strike out),

Rangers – (walk)(fly out to left)(Rack’em up – double play)

**Third Inning  **2 – 1  Sox

Sox –  Flowers(single to right) Danks(HOME RUN),Semien(single to center), Gillaspie(fly out to center), Abru(fly out to center), Dunn(strike out),

Rangers – (walk)(single,safe at 2nd on steal)(pop out to catcher)(Sac Fly,runner scores)(wild pitch, runner thrown out at home)

**Fourth Inning  **2 – 2

Sox –  Viciedo(ground to 2nd), Ramirez(ground to 2nd), De Aza(strike out),

Rangers – (walk)(stolen base,E – 2)(Hang Woof”em – line drive to pitcher)(intentional walk)(wild pitch,runner scores)(strike out)(strike out)

**Fifth Inning   **5 – 2  Sox

Sox –  Flowers(single), Danks(strike out), Semien(fielders choice,E – 5) Gillaspie(Sac fly), Abru(HOME RUN), Dunn(fly out to left),

Rangers – (line drive to 2nd)(ground to 1st)(fly out to center)

**Sixth Inning **8 – 2  Sox

Sox – Viciedo(double), Ramirez(wild pitch,safe at 1st) De Aza(strike out), Flowers(strike out), Danks(intentional walk), Semien(triple,runners score), Gillaspie(ground to 1st),

*Erik Johnson passes off to Ronald Belisario

Rangers – (hit by pitch)(fielders choice at 2nd)(rack’em up)

**Seventh Inning  **9 – 2  Sox

Sox –  Abru(pop out to second), Dunn(strike out), Viciedo(HOME RUN), Ramirez(foul out to left),

Rangers – (ground to short)(ground to short)(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **9 – 2  Sox

Sox –  De Aza(ground to first), Flowers(single to right center), Danks(strike out), Semien(single to right), Gillaspie(ground to first),

*Ronald Belisario is off to the showers and Andre’ Rienzo in the office

Rangers – (walk)(strike out)(hit by pitch)(fly out to right)(infield single)(pop out to first)

**Ninth Inning  **16 – 2  Sox

Sox – Abru(double), Dunn(ground to 1st), Viciedo(RBI single), Ramirez(double), De Aza(RBI single to center), Flowers(walk), Danks(strike out), Semien(RBI single), Gillaspie(RBI double), Abru(RBI double), Dunn(ground to first)

*Matt Lindstrom takes over from Andre’ Rienzo to close out the game

Rangers – (ground to 2nd)(strike out)(pop out to left)


A much-needed win by the Sox today with Marcus Semien hitting his first Triple and taking player of the game honors.

Pack the travel bag as we head to Detroit for a four game series.

See you in Detroit