Waking Up

It has been a long cold winter and the snow has finally melted. The painters have been slowly appearing around to give the place a fresh coat of paint. The smell of fresh-cut grass tickles the nose.

The covers have been pulled back and the cob webs have been dusted away from the nooks and crannies

The air around The Cell is coming alive with new smells of fresh meat and produce, new drinks and desserts to try.

The locker room is slowly a buzz with the sounds of those last-minute alterations on the home uniforms of the lucky 25 gentleman who will wear them on opening day.

Standing on the pitcher’s mound one last time, taking in the stillness of the surrounds, looking at each level to the first base side, to the outfield and the bullpen, to third base side and one last glance at home plate. Taking that practice pitch

Anticipation fills the air as something special is about to take place. The echo of the cleats waking down the hall.

A group of ladies who have formed a special bond gather once again with a common cause, to cheer on a new group of gentlemen with one common goal, to play in the fall classic.

The count down is nearing the end, the time has come to gather with those who have that understanding, it is time to dust off the pinstripe and wait for that one call that wakes the sleeping giant.


Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your 2014 Chicago White Sox


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