Baseball in Sydney: Australia Against L.A Dodgers

photo 2Evening Kids,

Welcome to Major League Baseball in Sydney, Australia.

Thanks heaps to my best mate Judy Thomas who is my eyes tonight. Especially for the feature picture.

It is game one of a four game series and tonight game is an exhibition game with the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Australian National team taking place at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Grab some bench and lets go to the first inning.



Australia has taken the field – Ryan Searle is starting in the office (mound) Zach Lee is on the mound for the Dodgers.

**First Inning  *0 – 0

Dodgers – Gordon(strike out), Puig(walk), Ramirez(fly out to center), Gonzalez(single, Puig to third), Ethier(struck out)

Aussies – Dening(struck out), Harman(ground to second), Welch(ground to short),

**Second Inning  *0 – 0

Dodgers – Uribe(strike out), Van Slyke(strike out), Ellis(ground to short)

Aussies –  Hughes(fly out to left), Walker(single), Kennelly(fly out to right), Battaglia(double,Walker to third), Wade(ground to first)

**Third Inning  *1 – 0 Aussies

Dodgers – Lee(strike out), Gordon(hit by pitch), Puig(ground to second,Gordon to 2nd), Ramirez(ground to second),

Aussies – Lodge(strike out),Dening(hit by pitch),Harman(double,Dening to third),Welch(Sac fly to right,runner scores) Hughes(strike out),

**Fourth Inning  *1 – 0 Aussies

Ryan Rowland – Smith now on the mound for the Aussies

Dodgers – Gonzalez(fly out to right), Ethier(strike out), Uribe(fly out to left)

Aussies – Walker(strike out),Kennelly(strike out),Battaglia(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  *1 – 0  Aussies

Shane Lindsey now on the mound for the Aussies.

Red Patterson on the mound for L.A

Dodgers – Van Slyke(strike out), Ellis(walk,picked off at second), Guerrero(single), Gordon(ground to second),

Aussies – Wade(fly out to left),Roberts(strike out),Dening(ground to second)

**Sixth Inning   **2 – 0 Aussies

Tristan Crawford now on the mound for the Aussies

Dodgers – Puig(ground to third), Ramirez(pop out to third), Gonzalez(ground to pitcher),

Aussies – Harman(walk,moves to 2nd on wild pitch), Welch(ground to second,Harman to third),Hughes(RBI double,Harman scores), Walker(double, out at home), Kennelly(single to right),

**Seventh Inning  **2 – 0 Aussies

Koo is now on the mound for Australia

Dodgers – Ethier(ground to 2nd),Uribe(ground to second), Van Slyke(fly out to left),

Aussies –  Battaglia(strike out), Wade(ground out to pitcher),Huber(struck out),

**Eighth Inning  **4 – 2

Matt Williams is on the mound for the Aussies who passes off to Brad Thomas

Paco Rodriguez now on the mound for the Dodgers, Chris Withrow now on the mound

Dodgers – Ellis(walk), Guerrero(strike out), Turner(strike out), Puig(HOME RUN), Figgens(walk,wild pitch scores run), Baxter(single), Pederson(walk), Uribe(RBI single), Van Slyke(strike out)

Aussies – Dening(strike out),Harman(strike out), Welch(strike out)

**Ninth Inning  **4 – 2

Brendan Wise now on the mound for the Aussies

Seth Rosin on the mound for the Dodgers

Dodgers – Rojas(strike out), Federowicz(ground out to short), Turner(Fly out to right)

Aussies –  Hughes(single to left), Walker(pop out to short), Kennelly(single to right,Hughes to second) Battaglia(strike out), Wade(Strike out)


Australia National Team – 2 and the Los Angeles Dodgers – 4

See you tomorrow night for game two which will feature the Arizona Diamond Backs against the Australia National Team.


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