March 2014

Opening Day 2014 – Sox and Twinkies

1966898_10152787102108298_868452606_nMorning Kids

Welcome to Opening Day 2014 at The Cell against the Minnesota Twins

The blog this year is dedication was an easy choice – #14 Paul Konerko

Chris Sale got the nod for the opening day duties in the office.

Grab some bench and see you in the first

**First Inning  **0 – 0

Twins – (ground out to 2nd)(pop out to first)(ground out to second)

Sox – Eaton(single to center), Semien(hit into double play), Gillaspie(ground out to third),

**Second Inning  **2 – 0  Sox

Twins – (strike out)(single to left)(hit into double play)

Sox – Abru(double to right), Dunn(walk), A.Garcia(hit into a double play), De Aza(HOME RUN), Ramirez(single), Flowers(ground to 3rd),


**Third Inning  **4 – 2  Sox

Twins – (walk)(single to left)(sac bunt to pitcher)(strike out)(RBI single to left)(ground to second)

Sox – Eaton(single to right), Semien(ground out to pitcher), Gillaspie(double), Abru(RBI single to left), Dunn(sac fly in foul terrority), A.Garcia(single to center), De Aza(ground out to second),

**Fourth Inning  **4 – 2  Sox

Twins – (fly out to left)(strike out)(double to deep right)(ground out to pitcher)

Sox – Ramirez(fly out to left), Flowers(strike out), Eaton(ground out to second),

**Fifth Inning  **4 – 2  Sox

Twins – (strike out)(fly out to right)(ground out to second)

Sox –  Semien(fly out to left), Gillaspie(walk,advances on a wild pitch), Abru(fly out to center), Dunn(strike out)


**Sixth Inning  **5 – 2  Sox

Twins – (ground to third)(ground to short)(fly out to center)

Sox –  A.Garcia(strike out), De Aza(HOME RUN), Ramirez(single to right but thrown out trying for 2nd), Flowers(strike out),


**Seventh Inning  **5 – 2  Sox

Twins – (strike out)(strike out)(strike out)

Sox –  Eaton(out), Semien(strike out), Gillaspie(strike out)

**Eighth Inning  **5 – 3  Sox

Sale passes the mound keys to Belisario who passes to Veal

Twins – (double)(strike out)(strike out)(single to center,runner scores)(ground to short)

Sox –  Abru(line out to center), Dunn(ground out to 1st), A,Garcia(single to center), De Aza(pop out to second),

**Ninth Inning  **5 – 3  Sox

Matt Lindstrom in the office to close the game.

Twins – (fly out to right)(double)(strike out)(ground to pitcher)



White Sox 5 and the Minnesota Twins 3. It is a day off tomorrow. Back at The Cell on Wednesday for game two with the Twins in this three game series.

See you on the field



Waking Up

It has been a long cold winter and the snow has finally melted. The painters have been slowly appearing around to give the place a fresh coat of paint. The smell of fresh-cut grass tickles the nose.

The covers have been pulled back and the cob webs have been dusted away from the nooks and crannies

The air around The Cell is coming alive with new smells of fresh meat and produce, new drinks and desserts to try.

The locker room is slowly a buzz with the sounds of those last-minute alterations on the home uniforms of the lucky 25 gentleman who will wear them on opening day.

Standing on the pitcher’s mound one last time, taking in the stillness of the surrounds, looking at each level to the first base side, to the outfield and the bullpen, to third base side and one last glance at home plate. Taking that practice pitch

Anticipation fills the air as something special is about to take place. The echo of the cleats waking down the hall.

A group of ladies who have formed a special bond gather once again with a common cause, to cheer on a new group of gentlemen with one common goal, to play in the fall classic.

The count down is nearing the end, the time has come to gather with those who have that understanding, it is time to dust off the pinstripe and wait for that one call that wakes the sleeping giant.


Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your 2014 Chicago White Sox


Sunday Afternoon Baseball in Sydney 2014

MLB_Final_LOGO_TEAMSAfternoon Kids,

It is game two in the series with the L.A Dodgers taking a 1 game to 0 lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks. We are back at the Sydney Cricket Ground for the second and final game in the series.

The line ups for today’s game are : L.A – Gordon, Puig,Ramirez, Gonzalez, Ethier, Ellis, Baxter, Uribe, Ryu

Arizona – Pollock,Hill,Goldschmidt,

On the mound today for Arizona is – Trevor Cahill and for L.A is Hyun-Jen Ryu

Grab some bench and lets go to the first.

**First Inning  **1 – 0  L.A

L.A –  Gordon(ground to pitcher), Puig(single to center),Ramirez(line out to right), Gonzalez(walk), Ethier(RBI single,caught out at second)

D-backs – Pollock(fly out to right), Hill(fly out to right), Goldschmidt(single to right),Prado,(struck out)

**Second Inning  **1 – 0  L.A

L.A – Ellis(strike out), Baxter(ground out to second), Uribe(line out to third),

D-backs – Montero(line out to first), Trumbo(fly out to left),Parra(single to center),Gregorius(strike out)

**Third Inning  **3 – 0  L.A

L.A –  Ryu(single), Gordon(double), Puig(RBI single,caught trying to steal second) Ramirez(walk), Gonzalez(Sac Fly,run scores) Ethier(single to center), Ellis(fly out to right),

D-backs – Cahill(strike out),Pollock(fly out to right), Hill(fly out to left),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 0  L.A

L.A –  Baxter(ground out to second), Uribe(single), Ryu(sac bunt to first), Gordon(bobbled single to short center), Puig(hit by pitch), Ramirez(pop out in foul ground) ,

D-backs – Goldschmidt(single to right), Prado(strike out), Montero(single), Trumbo(fly out to right), Parra(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **5 – 0  L.A

L.A –  Gonzalez (walk,on 3rd due to steal and overthrow), Ethier(walk), Ellis(walk), Baxter(hit into double play,runner scores) Uribe(RBI double), Ryu(strike out), 

D-backs – Gregorius(fly out to center), Collmentar(walk), Pollock(hit into double play),

**Sixth Inning  **6 – 0 L.A

L.A – Gordon(bunt single,error) Puig(RBI double)(out trying to steal 3rd), Ramirez(walk), Gonzalez(strike out), Ethier(line out to 2nd),

D-back – Hill(walk), Goldschmidt(single to right) Prado(hit into double play), Montero(ground to short stop)

**Seventh Inning  **7 – 0

L.A –  Ellis(single to second), Baxter(strike out), Uribe(single to left),Figgins(walk), Gordon(Sac Fly,runner scores) Puig(ground into force),

D-backs –  Trumbo(ground to short), Parra(walk), Gregorius(fly out to center), Owings(single to center), Pollock(walk), Hill(line drive to right),

**Eighth Inning  **7 – 1  L.A

L.A – Ramirez(single), Gonzalez(ground to second), Ethier(fly out to left), Ellis(ground to short),

D-backs – Goldschmidt(fly out to right), Prado(walk), Montero(single to left), Trumbo(single to right,run scores) Parra(strike out), Gregorius(walk),Gosewisch(fly out to left),

**Ninth Inning  **7 – 5  L.A

L.A – Baxter(walk)(to 2nd on wild pitch), Uribe(strike out), Guerrero(strike out on foul tip), Gordon(hit by pitch), Puig(struck out)

D-backs –  Pollock(walk), Hill(walk), Goldschmidt(fly out to center,runner to third) Prado(single to right center,runners score) Montero(strike out), Trumbo(HOME RUN), Parra(strike out),

**FINAL — Los Angeles Dodgers – 7 and the Arizona Diamondbacks – 5

See you at The Cell for the White Sox opening day against the Minnesota Twins


2014 Baseball Opening In Sydney

MLB_Final_LOGO_TEAMSHappy Sunday morning kids

This is game one in the official opening of Major League Baseball  in Sydney. The L.A Dodgers against the Arizona Diamondbacks

It was a 15,000 mile trip for both teams and it is the largest distance that MLB has traveled to open a season. Rain delayed the first pitch in the opening game.

The line up for the Dodgers –  Puig, Turner, Ramirez, Gonzalez,Van Slyke,Uribe,Ellis,Kershaw


The Arizona Diamondback – Pollock, Hill, Goldschmidt, Prado, Trumbo,Montero, Owings, Parra, Miley

Grab some bench and lets head to the first.

**First Inning  **0 – 0

L.A – Puig,(strike out) Turner(strike out), Ramirez(ground out 2nd to first),

D-backs –  Pollock(strike out), Hill(single to short), Goldschmidt(single to left), Prado(ground to pitcher), Trumbo(ground to third),

**Second Inning  **1 – 0 L.A

L.A. – Gonzalez(walk),Van Slyke(double),Uribe(strike out)Ethier,(ground to second,runner scores)Ellis(fly out to right),

D-backs – Montero(fly out to left), Owings(strike out), Parra(strike out),

**Third Inning  **1 – 0 L.A

L.A – Kershaw(strike out), Puig(ground to pitcher), Turner(fly out to center),

D-backs – Miley(ground to second), Pollock(ground to third), Hill(walk), Goldschmidt(fly out to deep center),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 0  L.A

L.A – Ramirez(pop out to short in foul terrority), Gonzalez(struck out,reaches on a wild pitch), Van Slyke(HOME RUN), Uribe(fly out to center),Ethier(ground to second)

D-backs – Prado(ground to second), Trumbo(ground to second), Montero(single to left), Owings(ground to second),

**Fifth Inning  **3 – 0  L.A

L.A. – Ellis(walk) , Kershaw(strike out), Puig(strike out), Turner(single to center), Ramirez(single to third,error to 3rd), Gonzalez(strike out),

D-backs – Parra(single to center), Gregorius(hitting for pitcher)(strike out), Pollock(fly out to right), Hill(strike out),

**Sixth Inning  **3 – 1  L.A

L.A – Van Slyke(fly out to right), Uribe(strike out), Ethier(caught at third),

D-backs – Goldschmidt(double to left center,advance to 3rd on wild pitch), Prado(ground to 3rd), Trumbo(ground to 2nd,runner scores), Montero(ground to first),

**Seventh Inning   **3 – 1

L.A. –  Ellis(strike out), Kershaw(single,out trying to take 2nd) Puig(strike out),

D-backs –  Owings(ground to first), Parra(single to second), Chavez(strike out), Pollock(fly out to right),

**Eighth Inning  **3 – 1  L.A

L.A – Turner(ground to third), Ramirez(ground to third), Gonzalez(double), Van Slyke(walk), Uribe(hit into force at second),

D-backs – Hill(strike out), Goldschmidt(fly out to center), Prado(strike out),

**Ninth Inning  **3 – 1  L.A

L.A – Ethier(ground to second), Ellis(hit by pitch), Baxter(fly out to left), Puig(fly out to center)

D-backs –  Trumbo(strike out), Montero(ground to third), Owings(walk), Parra(ground to first)


**FINAL – L.A Dodgers – 3 and the Arizona Diamondbacks – 1

Baseball in Sydney: Arizona Diamondbacks Against Australia

photo 2Evening Kids,

Welcome back to the Sydney Cricket Grounds for game two as the Arizona Diamond backs take on the Australian National Team.

Archie Bradley is on the mound for the D-backs and Tim Atherton is taking the mound for the Aussies.

Grab some bench and see you for the first pitch

**First Inning  **1 – 0 — Aussies

D-backs – Parra(single to right), Hill(single to left), Goldschmidt(strike out), Prado(hit into double play(pitcher to 2nd to 1st),

Aussies – Dening(walk),Harman(foul out to catcher),Welch(ground to 1st), Hughes(RBI single,) Walker(ground to 1st),

**Second Inning  **1 – 0 — Aussies

D-backs –  Chavez(fly out to center), Trumbo(single to left), Montero(flies out to center), Pollock(strike out),

Aussies –  Huber(single to center), Kennelly(hit into double play,2nd to short to 1st) , Edmonds(ground to 3rd),

**Third Inning  **2 – 0 — Aussies

D-backs – Gregorius(fly out to right), Parra(fly out to left), Hill(line out to 3rd),

Aussies – Wade,(single to center) Dening(double,Wade to 3rd) Harman(walk,bases loaded) Welch(RBI single,Wade scores,Dening out at home) Hughes(strike out), Walker(strike out),

**Fourth Inning  **3 – 0 — Aussies

*Greg Anderson is on the mound for the Aussies

*Charles Brewer is on the mound for the D-backs

D-backs –  Goldschmidt(ground out to pitcher), Prado(walk), Chavez(single to right,Prado to 2nd), Trumbo(strike out) Montero(walk), Pollock(hit into force at 3rd),

Aussies – Huber(ground to 3rd), Kennelly(HOME RUN), Edmonds(walk), Wade(strike out), Dening(walk),Harman(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  **5 – 0 — Aussies

*Wayne Lundgren is now on the mound for the Aussies.

D-backs – Gregorius(fly out to right), Parra(fly out to left), Hill(ground to 3rd),

Aussies –  Welch(double to left), Hughes(RBI single), Walker(strike out), Huber(single,Hughes to 3rd),Kennelly(RBI single,Hughes scores) Edmonds(walk,bases loaded)Wade(strike out), Dening(strike out),

**Sixth Inning  **5 – 0 — Aussies

*Richard Olson is on the mound for the Aussies

D-backs –  Goldschmidt(ground out to 2nd), Prado(double to right), Chavez(foul out to 1st), Trumbo(walk), Montero(ground to 3rd),

Aussies – Harman(strike out), Welch(fly out to left), Hughes, Walker(hit by pitch), Huber(strike out),

**Seventh Inning  **5 – 0 — Aussies

*Scott Mitchinson is on the mound for the Aussies

*Zeke Spruill is on the mound for the D-backs

D-backs –  Pollock(single to left), Gregorius(single to right),Parra(fly out to center),Pennington(fly out to right), Goldschmidt(fly out to right),

Aussies – Huber(ground to 3rd),Kennelly(fly out to left) Edmonds(strike out),

**Eighth Inning  **5 – 0 — Aussies

*Todd Van Steensel on the mound for the Aussies

D-backs –  Prado(strike out), Chavez(single), Trumbo(ground out to pitcher), Gosewisch( ground to pitcher)

Aussies –  Wade(ground to short), Lodge(strike out), Harman(strike out)

**Ninth Inning  **5 – 0 — Aussies

*Brad Thomas is on the mound for Australia

D-backs – Pollock(fly out to right), Owings(ground out to pitcher),Parra(single to right),Pennington(strike out)


Australia National Team – 5 and the Arizona Diamondbacks – 0

See you back here tomorrow for the first game of the season.

Baseball in Sydney: Australia Against L.A Dodgers

photo 2Evening Kids,

Welcome to Major League Baseball in Sydney, Australia.

Thanks heaps to my best mate Judy Thomas who is my eyes tonight. Especially for the feature picture.

It is game one of a four game series and tonight game is an exhibition game with the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Australian National team taking place at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Grab some bench and lets go to the first inning.



Australia has taken the field – Ryan Searle is starting in the office (mound) Zach Lee is on the mound for the Dodgers.

**First Inning  *0 – 0

Dodgers – Gordon(strike out), Puig(walk), Ramirez(fly out to center), Gonzalez(single, Puig to third), Ethier(struck out)

Aussies – Dening(struck out), Harman(ground to second), Welch(ground to short),

**Second Inning  *0 – 0

Dodgers – Uribe(strike out), Van Slyke(strike out), Ellis(ground to short)

Aussies –  Hughes(fly out to left), Walker(single), Kennelly(fly out to right), Battaglia(double,Walker to third), Wade(ground to first)

**Third Inning  *1 – 0 Aussies

Dodgers – Lee(strike out), Gordon(hit by pitch), Puig(ground to second,Gordon to 2nd), Ramirez(ground to second),

Aussies – Lodge(strike out),Dening(hit by pitch),Harman(double,Dening to third),Welch(Sac fly to right,runner scores) Hughes(strike out),

**Fourth Inning  *1 – 0 Aussies

Ryan Rowland – Smith now on the mound for the Aussies

Dodgers – Gonzalez(fly out to right), Ethier(strike out), Uribe(fly out to left)

Aussies – Walker(strike out),Kennelly(strike out),Battaglia(strike out),

**Fifth Inning  *1 – 0  Aussies

Shane Lindsey now on the mound for the Aussies.

Red Patterson on the mound for L.A

Dodgers – Van Slyke(strike out), Ellis(walk,picked off at second), Guerrero(single), Gordon(ground to second),

Aussies – Wade(fly out to left),Roberts(strike out),Dening(ground to second)

**Sixth Inning   **2 – 0 Aussies

Tristan Crawford now on the mound for the Aussies

Dodgers – Puig(ground to third), Ramirez(pop out to third), Gonzalez(ground to pitcher),

Aussies – Harman(walk,moves to 2nd on wild pitch), Welch(ground to second,Harman to third),Hughes(RBI double,Harman scores), Walker(double, out at home), Kennelly(single to right),

**Seventh Inning  **2 – 0 Aussies

Koo is now on the mound for Australia

Dodgers – Ethier(ground to 2nd),Uribe(ground to second), Van Slyke(fly out to left),

Aussies –  Battaglia(strike out), Wade(ground out to pitcher),Huber(struck out),

**Eighth Inning  **4 – 2

Matt Williams is on the mound for the Aussies who passes off to Brad Thomas

Paco Rodriguez now on the mound for the Dodgers, Chris Withrow now on the mound

Dodgers – Ellis(walk), Guerrero(strike out), Turner(strike out), Puig(HOME RUN), Figgens(walk,wild pitch scores run), Baxter(single), Pederson(walk), Uribe(RBI single), Van Slyke(strike out)

Aussies – Dening(strike out),Harman(strike out), Welch(strike out)

**Ninth Inning  **4 – 2

Brendan Wise now on the mound for the Aussies

Seth Rosin on the mound for the Dodgers

Dodgers – Rojas(strike out), Federowicz(ground out to short), Turner(Fly out to right)

Aussies –  Hughes(single to left), Walker(pop out to short), Kennelly(single to right,Hughes to second) Battaglia(strike out), Wade(Strike out)


Australia National Team – 2 and the Los Angeles Dodgers – 4

See you tomorrow night for game two which will feature the Arizona Diamond Backs against the Australia National Team.


Baseball in Sydney

Afternoon Kids,

Just a quick catch up before the weekend.

There are two games with the L.A Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks that I didn’t realize. On Thursday night the Australia National Team will play against the L.A Dodgers and on Friday it is the Diamondbacks turn against the National team on Friday.

Ryan Roland-Smith will be doing double duty as he will pitch for the Australian Nation team and for the Diamondbacks.

See you on Thursday night for the opening game from the Sydney Cricket Ground

Spring Training and Stuff

Afternoon Kids

Sorry its been awhile since I have been with you. The team has reported for Spring Training in Glendale Arizona. There is a really good buzz about this year and they word is, the chemistry is nothing like they have seen in the past. It has been great to see the pictures coming from there and seeing how much fun they are having.

This is the final year for Paul Konerko. He has said that he does not want anything special this year. Just to help the new kids and play ball as much as his body will allow him to do so. My Sorority Sisters are hoping to be at as many home games as possible. They are sad that he will be retiring but I have a feeling it will be a season long celebration.

Here is the current active rooster for the boys.

I will be with you for the Opening Day game against the Minnesota Twins (Twinkies)

I am lucky enough to be in Sydney for the Sunday afternoon game featuring the L.A Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

2014 is going to be a great season

See you at The Cell