November 2013

Now What Do We Do Now?

1453507_453090751475339_1806412641_nMorning Kids,

Well, now that the world series is over and the dust is beginning to settle the withdrawals have already started. My Sorority Sisters and I have no clue what we are supposed to do now. We get little bits of news here and there about our boys and  most of it has been good.

Matt Lindstrom‘s option for 2014 has been picked up, which is great.

There is still no word from Paul Konerko about what his plans for next year might be. According to Rick he has made no decisions.

The signing of Jose Abreu was amazing and I think he will be a wonderful addition to the rooster. I wonder about the money spent but I just hope in the years to come that it is worth it.

Rumors are running at the moment and until I see a press release from the front office I am calling it a rumor. OK, the Toronto Blue Jays are in the market for a second basemen, they are interested in Gordon Beckham, and possible pitcher Hector Santiago. My reaction to this is HANDS OFF OUR KIDS.  How in the hell can we build the stability that is needed to get us to where we want to be. Winning the World Series in 2014

Well, that is all I know for now, when I get more news I will share it with you.

Pitchers and Catchers report on February 11, 2014.