Catch Up – Sox at the Indians

soxAfternoon Kids

This entry is a catch up game. It was the final visit to the Cleveland Indians. I was lucky enough to get this game on Television here. It was played on September 24.

Hector Santiago on the mound.

The boys wore the Grey Away Uniform

***First Inning

0 – 0

Sox – De Aza(line out to short), Ramirez(He Gone), Gillaspie(fly out to center)

Indians – (ground to second)(walk)(He Gone)(ground to second)

***Second Inning

1 – 0 (Indians lead)

Sox – , Konerko(line drive to pitcher), Dunn(He gone), Garcia(infield single), Viciedo(He Gone),

Indians – (Hit by pitch)(fielders choice,force at second)(single to left)(RBI single to center)(pop to second)(ground to first)

***Third Inning

1 – 0 (Indians lead)

Sox – Beckham(fly out to left), Phegley(walk,safe at second on steal), De Aza(He gone), Ramirez(ground to short),

Indians – (fly out to center)(line to pitcher)(walk)(foul out to third)

***Fourth Inning

1 – 1 

Sox – Gillaspie (walk), Konerko(single,Gillaspie to third) Dunn(He Gone), Garcia(Sac fly to center,Gillaspie scores), Viciedo (double)  Beckham(ground to short),

Indians – (fly out to left)(pop out to deep center)(ground to short)

***Fifth Inning 

1 – 1

Sox –  Phegley (ground to third), De Aza,(Pop to short) Ramirez(He Gone)

Indians – (pop out to first)(single)(pop out to short)(fly out to left)

***Sixth Inning

1 – 1

Sox – Gillaspie(double), Konerko (ground to third), Dunn(He Gone), Garcia(ground to short),

Indians – (double)(fly to left)(fly to right)(ground to short)

***Seventh Inning

3 – 2 (Indians Lead)

Pitching change for Cleveland

Hector gives the office keys to Nate Jones

Sox –  Viciedo (ground to short), Beckham (single to center), Phegley,(walk) De Aza(single to left,Beckham Scores) Ramirez(pop to right,)Gillaspie(struck out),

Indians – (HOME RUN),(double)(fly out to center)(RBI single)(out on steal attempt)

***Eighth Inning

3 – 2 (Indians Lead)

Sox – Konerko (He gone), Dunn(He Gone), Garcia(ground to short),

Indians – (He Gone)(ground to second)(He gone)

***Ninth Inning

5 – 4 (Indians Lead)

Addison Reed in to close

Sox –  Viciedo,(HOME RUN) Beckham(He gone), Danks(He gone), De Aza(HOME RUN), Ramirez,(single to left) Gillaspie,(hit by pitch) Semien(foul out to right field),

Indians – (single to right,safe steal at second)(He gone)(HOME RUN)

The Indians win it with a walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th inning by a score of 5 to 4. It was heart breaking to watch as the boys had fought back to get ahead



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