Post Season — October 8 – Australia time


Afternoon Kids

Time to play catch up since I am back on board.

***Oakland and Detroit —  Best of Five

**Game One on Friday, October 4

Detroit – 3, Oakland  – 2

**Game Two on Saturday October 5

Oakland – 1, Detroit – 0

**Game Three on Monday October 7

Oakland – 6, Detroit – 3

**Game Four on Tuesday October 8

Oakland – , Detroit –

**Game Five on Thursday October 10

Oakland – , Detroit


Oakland is leading the series by 2 games to 1 at the time of this entry. I am loving it that Oakland is taking it to Detroit. I called them “The Enemy” during the season when they would come to play the White Sox at The Cell. During the season Detroit seemed to have everything in place, that there was no stopping them on the way to the World Series until Oakland.

I am not able to see the games live unless it’s the middle of the night or on Game Cast. I am getting the games a few hours later here down under and will be doing a blog on the game as I did during the season.

I have a sneaky feeling that this race for the World Series will be full of twist that no one sees coming.





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