Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights and Lock the Door.

White soxEvening Kids,

I am sorry that I was not with you as the season finished, Life commitments took me away, but I was able to follow the results and they were disappointing, We all hoped for a better season but there were some good sparks and some surprises along the way.

We finished with 63 wins and 99 loses, 30 games behind, with a record on the road of 26 wins/55 loses and at home we were 37 wins/44 loses.

We said good-bye to Gavin Floyd early in the season as an injury and Tommy John would be the end of his season. Tyler Flowers and Jeff Keppinger were also shut down and sent off for season ending surgery, both had been carrying injuries from spring training. An early injury of a broken wrist to Gordon Beckham saw him on the disabled list for 6 weeks as he battled to return. He was held back from returning too quick and possible going back down.

We saw the arrival of many guys from Charlotte, including John Danks, Josh Phegley, Brent Moral, Blake Tekotte, along with others. Some stayed for the season and others came in as needed.

Through trade and wavers we said good-bye to fan favorites : Jesse Crain to Tampa Bay, Matt Thornton and Jake Peavy to Boston, Alex Rios to the Texas Rangers, Casper Wells headed off to Philadelphia.  We miss you guys heaps and hope you have settled into your new homes. We will continue to keep an eye on you and see how you’re doing.

Captain Konerko, Paulie battled back issues during the season, He and Jake went to Birmingham for re-hab assignments before returning to the main stage. Paul has yet to decide if 2014 will be his last season. Many of the Sorority Sisters, attended the final game just in case it was the last for him. They wore the White Home Pinstripe just in case Paul decided to hang up the cleats for the final time. Sunday’s was the win ugly uniforms of 1983.

A couple of the trades brought us a unique problem, the SAME last name, Avisail and Leury made me pay more attention to the line ups and remember which one was playing. A couple of games Jordan Danks joined the boys in the outfield creating what I called the Law Firm of Garcia, Garcia and Danks.

6’3″ tall Andre Rienzo has stolen all our hearts and gained many new fans. Starting out unsure and confidence not great has grown into a smart, tough starting pitcher who will only get better in time, along with Jose Quintana and Hector Santiago have grown leaps and bounds and soared in confidence. I can’t wait for next season when we finally get to see the boys again and see how they have developed. With Chris sale heading the pitching and Addison Reed, Nate Jones and Matt Lindstrom teaming up to spearhead the bullpen, its going to be a really good spring 2014.

**Personal Notes**

Thanks to everyone at the spring training home Camelback Ranch for your love and support during spring training. You guys are just amazing and make spring time fun.

To the girls of the ChiSoxSorority – You ladies are truly amazing and I love each and every one of you. We have united over our love for “Our Boys of Summer”. We have seen the good and the bad of season but stuck it out, learning from each other and growing together. Sara and Jan have done an amazing job of overseeing everything and keep us a safe place to hang out. We have been there to support each other through personal challenges and I can only see us getting stronger. I have the faith that there is something special out there for us and only time will show us what that is. I know whatever challenge we are handed we will succeed.

To my hubby Pj, thank you for putting up with me sleeping all hours of the day and night. Times were hard there and I was really cranky with the lack of sleep but we made it through. Thanks to my editor Dan for all those edits on the fly at all hours so I can get the news out there.

My final THANK YOU is to YOU the readers and fans of the White Sox and baseball in general. You have given me so much support and kept me inspired to keep going when the season got really tough. Through all the ups and down you have still been there and that means more than you know.

I will still share with you news from the Sox as it comes through, Winter meetings and any news of player movement.

From here I will be my best to keep you updated on the playoffs and world series as best my access will allow me to do so.


See you at The Cell


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