Visiting Boston – Jake’s Pitching

1001219_411628322288249_1006281135_nMy two favorite words this morning — Jake’s Pitching

It is Boston Red Sox against the Baltimore Oriels

I missed the first inning but will pick it up in the second. This will be more what Jake threw (balls, strikes) things of that nature today.

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (Boston)

roughly threw 16 pitches, 2 went hit foul, 6 balls and 8 strikes.

2 of the three outs were strike outs.

***Third Inning

*2 – 0 (Boston)

Roughly threw 20 pitches, 5 went foul, 9 balls, 4 strikes

***Fourth Inning

*2 – 0 (Boston)

Roughly threw 13 pitches, 7 strikes, 5 balls, Hit one better, called for a balk

***Fifth Inning

*2 – 2 

Roughly threw 23 pitches,9 strikes, 9 Balls, Correct #Whiff count is 8

***Sixth Inning

*3 – 2 (Oriels) 

93 total pitches so far. 61 strikes so far, You can see that Jake is tired, He threw everything that he had in his arsenal tonight. He hit the century mark in that inning so I do look for him to be in the seventh inning. will stay with the game to see how it finishes

***Seventh Inning

*3 – 3 (Home run for Boston)

103 pitches for Jake, still there. Roughly 11 pitches thrown, 2 balls and 5 strikes.

***Eighth Inning

*3 – 3

Craig Breslow has come in to replace Jake

Craig Breslow is being replaced by Junichi Tazawa 

***Ninth Inning

*3 – 3

***Tenth Inning

*3 – 3

***Eleventh Inning

*3 – 3

***Twelfth Inning

*5 – 3 (Oriels score two runs on a single)

Game over.

Jake went 7.o innings, 6 hits, 3 runs,3 earned runs, 1 BB and 8 strike outs. He did hit one batter.

Thanks for Hanging out with me.


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