Closing the Office Stuff

??????????????????It has been a long season and we are not where we hoped we would be now.

Getting ready for playoffs and all that goes along with the next step. Just wanted to take care of some issues before the end of the season.

Happy Birthday Gordon Beckham, realize it was a couple of days ago but we still hope you had a good day.

Congratulations to Avi Garcia and his wife welcoming the birth of their first child, a daughter. WE at the Sorority hope that you will share some pictures soon.

Paul Konerko – We are down on our knees begging, pleading with you to stay just ONE more season. I know it’s not a pretty sight for us to beg but we want you to stay. You have to finish your career in the White pinstripe.

Rick, and the management team — you guys have made some of the most stupid moves in baseball. YOU traded the experience the pitching staff needed. How could you!!!! A drinks cooler gave its life, the night Chris Sale got beaten to a pulp on the mound, he NEEDED JAKE.  Jake would have taken him aside and talk to him. Given him some guidance. You apparently do not trust some of the player in the farm team who are coming up. We have a good core of pitchers, especially with Hector Santiago and Jose Quintana and they need to guidance and experience, they need people like Chris who can help them. You traded Jake so it’s up to Chris now. The talk of TRADING GORDON, Have you lost the plot man. One of our best players and you want to trade him??? How in the world do you expect to compete for the pennant next year if you do a complete rebuild.

In a few days I will close the White Sox season with you but will stay on for the playoffs and the world series. Still not quite sure who we will support but if it involves a former White Sox player you can be sure we will be there.

See you at The Cell

Cricket and the White Sox Sorority


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