Dedicating Post 150, to Sisters and Favorite Players.

Cricket and Opera HouseIt has been an interesting journey during this baseball season. When I started this it was for fun and to get back into baseball and see what was going on. Since then, things have taken many turns that I never expected and I have made some wonderful new friends and Sorority Sisters.

My Sorority Sisters are the most wonderful, loving, funny, supportive Sisters that any girl could ask for, I love sharing the games with the girls and just having general chat about life and our love of the game, the players we love, those we miss. I had a melt down as few weeks ago and they were so supportive and wonderful. To my Sisters, I give you my love and support, we have shared the massive great times and helped each other through those days of trades and favorite players leaving. Jake Peavy is a case in point, I was devastated when he was traded to Boston and the girl knew I would be. They were there to support me and remind me that I can always follow him no matter. That is how our “She Also Loves the Former White Sox Players” came to be. There are rumors of Paul Konerko retiring along with Adam Dunn, I know some of the girls are devastated by the news. I will be there for them, to love and support them as we wait for news. It may not come til after our season ends but I will be there.

I miss Jake Peavy in the number 44. He was wonderful to watch, was really connected to his catchers. You could see then he would be really annoyed with himself, he would yell at himself when he was in the office (on the mound). Jake was a mentor to Chris Sale and some of the other pitchers and I wish he would still be there. I will continue to follow Jake until he retires, no matter what color his Sox are. Miss you heaps Jake.

I have already decided to return next year, that was an easy choice as my love of baseball and especially my love of the Boys of Summer. It has been an amazing year, the highs of seeing Jake, Hector and Jose pitch and do well, the lows of injuries and wavers. Gavin Floyd departing and needing Tommy John surgery. The explosion of Josh Phegley, an Indiana boy making in the big league.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to Dan who is my editor, Pj my husband, for his love and support, putting up with me getting up at all hours of the night to work, to my Chicago White Sox Sorority, I LOVE YOU…I cant thank you for all your support and what wonderful friendship we have built. I know that I have many wonderful sisters for life.

Finally, to YOU my readers, I can not say THANK YOU enough for taking the time to stop by and share a few minutes of your day with me. Your support is what keeps me going, Its been full of highs and lows but we have made it through.

Take care and again


See you on the field



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