Dear Hawk


Greetings from the Chicago White Sox Sorority    (#chisoxsorority)

We are a group of ladies who gather on-line to cheer our beloved Boys of Summer. We love them through heaven and hell, through all the extra inning games, the road trips, the losing streaks, no matter what we are there.  Through the injuries and all the new boys coming from Charlotte,

We know it has been a discouraging year but there have been some great highlights. You have talked about your feelings that Jake was traded, How Chris needs better support, and how our young kids like Hector and Jose are getting stronger and will be great pitchers in the coming year.

You have shared some wonderful stories about your years in the league and those you have met. You have taught us all about the inside of the game and how it has changed over the years. You taught us how “Tommy John” surgery came to be and how it has changed the face of pitchers in the game today.

We love your story how “You can Put it on the Board,YES” As my Sorority Sisters gather to listen to you we always “grab some bench” and settle in.

We loved when Whimpy came to join you for a series. It was fully of giggles and wonderful stories. We always seem to learn something that none of us never knew.

We don’t know if you will go another round next year, but we sure hope that you do.

On Behalf of my Sorority Sisters we hope that you have an amazing Birthday.

Hugs and Love from all over the world


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