Jake Peavy’s First Outings as a Red Sox

1001219_411628322288249_1006281135_n  Now that Jake is gone I am still following each outing and all. His first with the Boston Red Sox was a typical Jake outing.

Boston played against the Arizona Diamondbacks and The Red Sox won by a score of 5 – 2. Jake’s Stats were as follows: He faced 26 batters throwing 99 pitches with 65 of those strikes

Innings Pitched – 7.0

Hits – 4

Runs – 2

Earned Runs – 2

Base on Balls – 2

Strike outs – 7

Home run – 1

ERA – 4.14

Jake’s second outing was this past Friday against the Kansas City Royals with the final outcome of a 9 to 6 loss. This was not a good outing for him

Jake faced 25 batters throwing 105 pitches with 66 strikes.

Innings Pitched – 5.0

Hits 10

Runs – 6

Earned runs – 6

Base on Balls – 1

Strike outs – 0

Home runs – 2

That leaves Jake with a current ERA of 4.50

On the 5 day rest, that should have him pitching roughly on Wednesday the 14th of August against the Toronto Blue Jays,

See you on the field


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