Dear Casper and Alex

We are surprised and saddened by the news of your departures.  It is not going to be the same with out you in the line up and getting to see you everyday. We love you , miss you like mad and will continue to follow you as you continue your careers. We will love visiting with you when you come to play the Sox.

To the Philadelphia Phillies Fans — Look after Casper for us, He is a young one with a load of talent and he will be one to watch as a future leader at the club.

Tampa Bay Rays v Seattle Mariners

To the Texas Rangers Fans — Alex is feisty and oh so nice to look at but when he puts on that uniform it is all business and he is focused on the game. AJ and Alex together will be a good strong force and I know you will enjoy watching them both together.


Take care Casper and Alex. We miss you and will see you on the field soon.

The ladies of the White Sox Sorority


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