Back at The Cell but Here Comes New Set of Issues

600243_607398005946030_1050477435_nMorning Kids,

Finally at home from a disaster of a road trip but here come the New York Yankees and the mess of the drug scandal and everything with it. I just wish this was not happening now and I am hoping that our boys can distance themselves from it all.

Jose Quintana has the keys to the mound for the opening series.

Grab a drink, think we are going to need it today

***First Inning

*2 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (struck out)(struck out)(thrown out trying to take a single into a double)

Sox – Ramirez(single), Keppinger(infield single), Rios(RBI single,Ramirez scores) Konerko(single), Dunn(Sac fly, Keppinger scores), Beckham(RBI,single,Keppinger scored), Viciedo(De Aza batting,struck out) Wells(struck out),

***Second Inning

*5 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (single)(double)(pop to center)(pop to short)(struck out)

Sox –  Phegley(single to left),Ramirez(pop to shallow center),Keppinger(Double,Phegley to third) Rios(Single to center Phegley and Keppinger scored), Konerko(ground out to short,Rios to third)

***Third Inning

*7 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (struck out)(fly out to center)(fly out to left)

Sox –   Beckham(single to left),De Aza(struck out), Wells(single,Beckham to second) Phegley(struck out), Ramirez(RBI single,Beckham scored,wild pitch and runners advance) Keppinger(walk), Rios(walk,run scored),Konerko (ground out to third),

***Fourth Inning 

*7 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (pop out to left)(fly out to center)(single to left)(walk)(hit into force at second)

Sox – Dunn(walk), Beckham(fly out to center), De Aza(single to right), Wells(Pop out to catcher), Phegley(struck out),

***Fifth Inning

*7 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (line out to center)(ground out to third)(double)(ground out to third)

Sox –  Ramirez(infield single), Keppinger(ground to second,Ramirez to second) Rios(line out to pitcher), Konerko(walk),Dunn(walk) Beckham(fly out to right)

***Sixth Inning

*8 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (ground out to second)(fly out to left)(double)(struck out)

Sox – De Aza(walk), Wells(fly out to left), Phegley(struck out) Ramirez(double,De Aza scores) Keppinger(ground out to third),

***Seventh Inning

Jose Quintana Passes the keys to Matt Lindstrom

*8 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (ground out to third)(single)(single)(fly out to center)

Sox – Rios(struck out), Konerko(ground out to short),Dunn(walk), Beckham(fly out to deep center),

***Eighth Inning

*8 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Yankees – (hit by pitch)(struck out)(ground out to short)(fly out to center)

Sox –  De Aza(struck out), Wells(struck out), Phegley(,Ramirez, Keppinger, Rios, Dunn, Beckham

***Ninth Inning

*8 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Yankees -(single)(struck out)(walk)(double play)

That is the game  with the final Score the White Sox – 8 and the New York Yankees – 1. Jose Quintana finally got the well deserved win. Defense was super as the offence. Dayan Viciedo came out of the game with a jammed thumb and x-rays cleared him of any damage.

Chris Sale is in the office tomorrow for game two of the series.

See yo on the field



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