Entering Enemy Terrority

chicago-white-sox-graphics-and-comments-funnyMorning Kids,

After the sweep in Cleveland, the loss Jesse Crain and Jake Peavy we are headed to Detroit. It is the first of a three game series with the Detroit Tigers. Hector Santiago is on the mound for the first battle.

Grab a drink and see you at the first pitch

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Sox – De Aza(fly out to left), Ramirez(ground out to first), Rios(infield single,on third due to error), Dunn(single), Konerko(hit int force at second),

Tigers –(fly out to right)(fly out to left)(walk)(single to right)(pop out to second)

***Second Inning

*0 – 0

Sox – Keppinger(ground out to short), Viciedo,(fly out to center) Beckham(ground out to second),

Tigers – (struck out)(ground out to third)(double)(ground out to second)

***Third Inning

*0 – 0

Sox – Phegley(fly out to center), De Aza(bunt single), Ramirez(double play),

Tigers –(struck out)(ground out to short)(struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Sox – Rios(ground out to third), Dunn (ground out to pitcher), Konerko(ground out to short),

Tigers –(double)(fly out to center)(fly out to right)(RBI single,runner scores)(ground to short)

***Fifth Inning

*2 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Sox – Keppinger(ground out to short),Viciedo(ground out to second), Beckham(lined out to second)

Tigers –(ground out to third)(HOME RUN)(ground out to short)(struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*2 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Sox -,Phegley(struck out),De Aza(ground out to first) Ramirez(double), Rios(single,Ramirez scores,out at second)

Tigers –(struck out)(flied out to center)(struck out)

***Seventh Inning

*2 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Sox – Dunn(single), Konerko(line out to right), Keppinger(double play),

Tigers –(fly out to left)(struck out)(single)(fly out to center)

***Eighth Inning

*2 – 1 (Tigers Lead)

Hector Santiago passes off to Nate Jones

Sox -Viciedo (single to right,Jordan Danks pitch running), Beckham(double play), Phegley(struck out),

Tigers –(fly out to right)(pop out to short)(ground out to second)

***Ninth Inning

*2 – 1 (Tigers Lead)

Sox – De Aza ,(fly out to center) Ramirez (ground out to second), Rios (walk,stole second), Dunn(ground out to short)

It was an OK game today, Positives are that we got out of that game with NO ERRORS and Hector had an amazing outing. It was good , strong solid pitching. I think what hurt us was hitting in to the double play, we just could not move the ball out of the infield with ducks on the pond.

John Danks is listed for tomorrows game leading the charge.

See you on the field



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