Dear Jake, Matt and Jesse

??????????????????For what ever reasons, you all have left us for other teams, we love you and miss you like mad and will continue to follow your careers as the seasons pass. Keep safe on your travels and hope your remain injury free until you decide that it is time to hang up the cleats.

We know that you have seen the frustrations from we the fans, and we can not begin to understand how you are dealing it. As Paul Konerko basically said “We know we are playing like****” I feel like we need to take that step back and the pressure off of all of you. We are rebuilding and it will take time to find that right mix of players to fit together, to support and nurture the young ones. Those up and coming players who are new to the family. Those who have come along and need help getting settled in to life in the majors.

A lot of fans of late keep speaking up and saying how they are “DIE HARD” fans. In they next breath they are saying how everyone is crap and that Robin needs fired, that they are turning OFF the game, or refusing to watch, I have even seen some comments that I REFUSE to repeat. I ask you HOW can you be a die-hard fan when your turning off games, being as negative as possible.

From the 2005 World Series team the only one that is left is Paul Konerko. Hawk told how he has taken Gordon Beckham under his wing, been there to help him adjust and when times for Gordon got tough it was PAUL who helped him get through. I hope that some of the more settled boy will do the same with the new kids coming in. Just one of the boys stepping up and helping one of the new family members could make all the difference in the world to that person.

My Sorority Sisters understand that it is a lean time now. It takes time to rebuild, to work though injuries and the frustrations of losing when it is so close and feeling helpless when there are silly errors. We know that is season is most likely over, that we will not see post season play. We have decided to keep on turning on the game, keep on supporting the boys no matter what. Sure we get frustrated and all BUT, in no way shape or form do we allow the frustrations to get the better of us or to give up. At the end of the game we look for those positives and look forward tomorrow when it is another day. To put it into simple words, OUR BOYS have our unconditional love and support.

One of my Sorority Sisters, posted this on Facebook and I had to share it, We all needed to laugh and boy did this help…….

Five Chicago sports fans were climbing a mountain one day. Each was a fan of a different Chicago sports team and each proclaimed to be the most loyal to their team. As they climbed higher, they argued as to which one of them was the most loyal of all. They continued fighting until they reached the top. The Blackhawk’s fan hurled himself off the mountain, shouting, “this is for the Hawks” as he fell to his doom. Not wanting to be outdone the Bulls fan threw himself off the edge shouting “this is for the greatest team of the 90’s” then the Bears fan jumped and said ” this is for DA COACH” the two remaining fans looked at each other in stunned silence. After a minute the Sox fan bellowed… “THIS IS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE!” AND THEN HE PUSHED THE CUBS FAN OFF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!

You may be gone but your not certainly forgotten, we know that we will meet up with you during the season and will get to see how well you are doing. We will continue to follow you no matter where you go, send you tweets of love and support.

After the deal with Jake went through and it was all over, in bed that night I had a massive cry. How in the world were we going to do this with out him, We need his experience and guidance for the younger ones. I though that if I could talk to the boys right that minute, I wondered what they might tell me, tell my Sisters………They would thank us for our support, how much it has meant to them, they are no longer there but the younger ones needed us, those who are regulars that get called up , like Conor Gillaspie  and Jordan Danks but the new ones would need us also like Andre Rienzo and Avisail Garcia.

So, that is what we are doing, supporting the ones that are there, who need us. Giving them our support as times are tough, looking for the positive things and looking forward to great things that are coming. Madly tweeting and anything else we can do to get them through the rest of the season.

Take care of yourselves, you will never be forgotten.

See you on the field

The ladies of the White Sox Sorority



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