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First of all, I do apologize to you on where we are today. I looked wrong and thought we were at home when actually we are in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a four game series with the Indians. John Danks is on the mound today, Jake Peavy is scheduled for tomorrow provided he has not been traded. Sources are telling that it could be issues of paying out his current contract with the Sox to get his services.

At the time of opening this blog Jesse Crain has been traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for an undisclosed figure and a player to be named later. On behalf of my #chisoxsorority sisters, we wish him the very best, and safe travels to his new teams.

OK, grab a coffee and see you soon

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Sox – De Aza(ground out to first), Ramirez(ground out to short), Rios(ground out to short),

Indians – (fly out to left)(ground out to third)(struck out)

***Second Inning

*1 – 0 (Indians Lead)


Sox – Dunn (Struck out)Konerko(safe at first on error), Gillaspie(flied out to center), Viciedo(lined out to right),

Indians – (safe at first on error)(double to second,runner to third)(sac fly, runner scores, runner to third)(walk)(lined out to short)(flied out to center)

***Third Inning

*1 – 0 (Indians Lead)

Sox – Beckham(walked), Phegley(flied out to right), De Aza(ground into double play),

Indians – (flied out to center)(flied out to center)(struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 0 (Indians Lead)

Sox – Ramirez(single), Rios(struck out), Dunn(struck out), Konerko(lined out to first)

Indians – (flied out to center)(struck out)(ground out to second)

***Fifth Inning

*1 – 0 (Indians Lead)

Sox – Gillaspie(flied out to left), Viciedo(double to right), Beckham(ground out to second,Viciedo to third), Phegley(flied out to center),

Indians – (lined out to right)(pop out to second)(pop out to second)

***Sixth Inning

*2 – 2 

Sox – De Aza(flied out to center), Ramirez(ground out to second), Rios(double to deep right), Dunn(double to deep right,Rios Scored), Konerko(single to center,Dunn Scored) Gillaspie( flied out to left),

Indians – (walk)(walk,runner to second)(ground out to short,runner scored,runner to second,runner to third)(ground out to pitcher)(ground out to short)

***Seventh Inning

*2 – 2

John Danks gives the mound pass to Matt Lindstrom, who passes to Donnie Veal

Sox –  Viciedo(ground out to first), Beckham(fly out to center), Phegley(pop out to second)

Indians – (walk)(sac to pitcher,runner to second,wild pitch,runner to third)(struck out)(walk)(ground out to third)

***Eighth Inning

*2 – 2

Donnie Veal passes off to Ramon Troncoso

Sox – De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(safe at first due to error by pitcher,stole second), Rios(fly out to right,Ramirez to third) Dunn(struck out),

Indians – (single to center)(ground out to first, runner to second)(ground out to third)(pop out to short)

***Ninth Inning

*3 – 2

Sox –  Konerko(flied out to right), Gillaspie(lined out to short), Viciedo(triple to right), Beckham(lined out to left)

Indians – (HOME RUN)

Final score is White Sox 2 and the Indians 3, it was tied up until the bottom of the ninth when the Indians hit a home run on the first pitch.

Jake Peavy is on the mound tomorrow PROVIDED that there is no moves in the trade department.

See you on the field




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