Lobbying to Keep the Boys Together

I usually do not do this but I am taking a risk here. I do my best to keep my personal thoughts and all out of this blog but this is a different case.

To Robin, Rick and the rest of the staff, Please take time and listen to the fans on this. The boys need to stay together, and help the young ones coming thought. I know that there are heaps of frustrations and all in this but, with Alex, Paul, Jeff and Jake — they are have the experience to help with the ones like Casper, Brent, Jordan Danks, who are playing in Charlotte and come up as needed. They are have a good eye and can help those young ones.

Jake Peavy would be a big help with those pitching like Hector Santiago and Jose Quintana. He understands the mechanics and the thought process to help this guys and others be a better pitcher. I am a massive Jake Peavy fan and it will be heart breaking to lose him. Yes I know that his injuries may be ticks against him but his knowledge and guidance is so much more.

I know there have been a heap of errors and thisChicago-White-Sox is an issue that needs fixed. I have no clue what it is to fix that problem but good basic ball playing. keep it simple and do not try anything flash. Just stop trying to show off and get the out, even if it looks like a double play and you’re not sure, get the secure out. Don’t make mistakes and cause runs. We had that problem in the last few days where walks and errors gave away runs and we just could not get things back on track.

I know there is more I could say, compare to the 2005 World Series team but the only one left from that team is Paul Konerko. It’s a rebuilding time and I get that. Fans are frustrated but can you imagine what they boys are feeling. The fans have been ruthless at the best of times and it is really hard to be on web sites when things are negative.

I love my Sorority Sisters, their passion and love for the game and the boys is truly amazing and just wonderful. It is super to know that they understand, just like I do about keeping the boys together. Sure, we get down about losses and all but we still love the boys and we REFUSE to give up!

I just do not know if anyone in the office at the White Sox will read this but I have to try. We need the experience the boys have, we need the security of NOT trading the boys so, the knowledge can be passed on and we can win that next series.

Thank you for listening, for taking the time to read this.

See you on the field


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