Game Two with Detroit

hector-santiago-Rick-OsentoskiMorning Kids,

Hope everyone is OK,  It’s game two with Detroit and Hector Santiago is on the mound today.

Grab a coffee and let’s go to the first

***First Inning

Error charged to Adam Dunn

*0 – 0

Detroit – (single to right)(Walk)(struck out)(ground out to second)

White Sox – De Aza(flied out to center) Ramirez(lined out to third), Rios(infield single)(stole second), Dunn(walk), Konerko(Walk), Keppinger(hits into force at second)

***Second Inning

*0 – 0

Detroit – (fly out to center)(lined out to second)(struck out)

White Sox – Gillaspie(pop out to third), Viciedo(ground out to third), Phegley(line out to second)

***Third Inning

*0 – 0

Detroit – (walk)(fouled out to right)(struck out)(ground out to short)

White Sox –  De Aza(bunt single to third)(picked off at first), Ramirez(flies out to center), Rios(ground out to third),

***Fourth Inning

*3 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Errors Charged to Conor Gillaspie, Alex Rios

Detroit – (safe at first on error by Conor Gillaspie)(flied out to center)(double,runner to third)(RBI single, runners at first and third)(walk)(walk,runner scores)(sac fly to right,runners to second on error by Rios)

White Sox –  Dunn(ground out to pitcher), Konerko(flied out to right), Keppinger(ground out to second)

***Fifth Inning

*3 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Detroit – (flied out to left)(struck out)(flied out to enter)

White Sox – Gillaspie(infield single to second), Viciedo(walk), Phegley(hit into double play,Gillaspie at third) De Aza(ground out to first),

***Sixth Inning

*6 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Detroit – (struck out)(HOME RUN)(walk)(popped out to short)(RBI triple, scores on an error by Viciedo)(flied out to center)

White Sox –  Ramirez(flied out to left), Rios(ground out to short), Dunn(struck out),

***Seventh Inning

Hector Santiago passes off to Dylan Axelrod

*6 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Detroit – (single to center)(single,runners at first and third)(struck out)

White Sox – Konerko(flied out to right), Keppinger(flied out to right), Gillaspie(single), Viciedo(ground out to third),

***Eighth Inning

*6 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Detroit – (flied out to right)(struck out)(pop out to short)

White Sox – Phegley(pop out to second), De Aza(flied out to left), Ramirez(struck out),

***Ninth Inning

*6 – 2 (Tigers Lead) 

Detroit – (single to center)(fly out to center)(flied out to right)(fly out to short)

White Sox –  Rios (walk), Dunn(walk), Konerko (double,Rios,Dunn Score,Casper Wells in to run) Keppinger(flied out to center), Gillaspie (struck out), Viciedo(pop out to short)

That is the game. The Sox manage to avoid the shut out with getting two in the bottom of the ninth for a final score of Detroit 6 and the Sox 2. It was a day filled with errors and Robin getting tossed out in the first inning , which to be honest I still don’t get. John Danks will be in the office on Thursday and Jake Peavy to close the series.

See you on the field




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