Game Two Against Atlanta

alex-rios-jake-peavyMorning Kids,

Early game time for us Aussies at the call of 5:35 am. Cold , wet and miserable as we are in the middle of winter here. The bright spot today is that Jake Peavy is in the office today for the first time since fracturing a rib,

Get a cuppa and see you soon

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Braves (struck out,safe at first due to passed ball by Phegley)(ground out to short)(flied out to right)

Sox – De Aza(flied out to left), Ramirez(flied out to right), Rios(single to right), Viciedo(lined out to second),

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (Braves Lead)

Braves – (safe at first due to error)(flied out to left)(fielder’s choice to third,out at second)(HOME RUN, runner scores)(lined out to third)

Sox –  Keppinger(ground out to third), Wells(lined out to right), Beckham(lined out to right),

***Third Inning

*4 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (single to right)(infield single,runner to second)(flied out to right,runner to third)(single,runner scores,runners at first and third)(Sac fly to right,runner scores)(flied out to right)

Sox –  Phegley(double), Morel(walk), De Aza(Single to center,Phegley on third,Morel on second) Ramirez(single,Phegley scores) Rios(GRAND SLAM,Runners score) Viciedo(ground out to third), Keppinger(ground out to short), Wells(walk), Beckham(flied out to right)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 9 (Sox Lead)

Pitching Change for Atlanta

Braves – (double to right)(struck out)(fly out to left)(struck out)

Sox – Phegley(double),Morel(single,Phegley scores) De Aza(single,Morel to second) Ramirez(grounded into fielders  choice,De Aza out at second,Morel to third) Rios(Single to right,Morel scores,Ramirez to second) Viciedo(struck out,wild pitch,runners advance) Keppinger(out at second,runners scored)

***Fifth Inning

*9 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (lined out to pitcher)(fly out to center)(single to right)(flied out to right)

S0x – Wells(ground out to first), Beckham(ground out to third), Phegley(struck out),

***Sixth Inning

*9 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (single to center)(fly out to center)(hit into double play)

Sox –  Morel(flied out to right),De Aza(single to left), Ramirez(fly out to second), Rios(flied out to center),

***Seventh Inning

Jake Peavy has hit the showers, Matt Lindstrom has the mound keys. 

*10 – 4 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (flied out to center)(walk)(hit into double play)

Sox – Viciedo(walk), Keppinger(struck out), Wells(walked,Viciedo to second) Beckham(flied out to right), Phegley(single to left,Tekotte scored,Wells to second) Morel(struck out),

***Eighth Inning

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Matt Lindstrom has handed off to Ramon Troncoso, passes to Donnie Veal

Braves – (single to center)(lined out to second)(HOME RUN,runner scores)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  De Aza(single), Ramirez(ground out to pitcher,De Aza to second) Rios(struck out),Tokette,(Walk) Keppinger(ground out to pitcher), 

***Ninth Inning

Donnie Veal has passed to Addison Reed to close the office

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Braves – (struck out)(single)(struck out)(struck out)

What an amazing day, with the White Sox taking that game out by a score of 10 to 6 over Atlanta, thanks in part to a Grand Slam by Alex Rios in the Fifth Inning. Jake Peavy was back today for his first assignment after the cracked rib. He looked good, was solid in his pitching but you could see that he was not totally comfortable out there and showed his annoyance when the defense made mistakes.Jose Quintana has the mound duties for the final game in the series.

Have a great weekend.

See you at The Cell




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