Closing The First Half Of The Season

IMG_0053The White Sox lost their final game of the season by a score of  4 – 3 in 10 innings. It was the first time all season that a series went extra inning in all the games in the series. There where lots of positives but it was also head breaking to watch at times.

We got out of the Detroit series with NO ERRORS which was great. Right now any game with out errors is a real positive. The Sox have more errors up to this point then they did for the complete last season. This has to change in the second half. If we are to get anywhere in the second half this has to change. We need to get back to good solid basic defense. Nothing fancy, just taking it one out at a time.

Injuries have been varied but caused a real concern at times. Gavin Floyd is out for the season having elbow surgery back in April,  De Wayne Wise is on the list with a strained right hamstring, Jake Peavy is on the list with a fractured rib but he is doing his rehab assignment and should be back after the all-star break, Brain Omogrosso is on the list with, strained right triceps, Jesse Crain is nursing a sprained right shoulder, Paul Konerko is nursing a strained lower back but he is on the way to Birmingham for rehab assignment.

Matt Thornton is our first trade of the season, he is now a Boston Red Sox. He will see him again some time during the season. I am sure there will be more trades to come as things move along.

Josh Phegley, Casper Wells, have been two wonderful additions to the team and I can see them having great careers. Bret Morel and Blake Tekotte are both players to keep an eye on in the second half.

A good solid line up that can produce results each game is still not there quiet yet. There are spots where two or three are starting to come together but we need the whole line up to find their way to start producing runs.

**Personal Notes

It’s been a real struggle at times to watch things take place. Frustration and discouragement are probably at the top of the list as losing streaks took place.  There are good spots, Hector Santiago and Jose Quintana are defiantly two up and coming pitchers to keep an eye on. With some guidance from those with experience like Jake and Chris, they will be amazing pitchers in their time.

When I started this blog I never imagined that it would take off the way it has. My blog is uploaded on two sports web sites in the USA. I have a readership there and I enjoy the feedback they give me.

I have an amazing new group of White Sox Sisters who I love and adore and I can’t wait to meet in person to share some giggles and cheer on our favorite boys.

To you my readers here, I can’t out into words how much I appreciate your support on this journey.

I am going to take a break, and enjoy the All-Star game and the Home Run Derby, I will be back with you on Friday night in the USA, Saturday here in Australia for a three game series with the Atlanta Braves at home in Chicago, before the Detroit Tigers come to visit.

Have a super week and I will see you on the field


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