Post 100 — A milestone

Cricket and Opera House

When this journey started it was a challenge to myself, to follow my beloved White Sox and to work on my writing. To become a better writer but also to write about what I love.

Well, here I am, learning so much about the White Sox but also making many new mates.

There is a group of lovely ladies on Facebook called “She Loves The White Sox” . This is an amazing group who are supportive, funny and with just one basic goal. To see the White Sox to the World Series. I have just been accepted into the group and I am so proud to be a member.

We had a ball sharing yesterday, during the game talking about plays that had just happened, our favorite players and just great conservation.

So…this milestone post is dedicated to THEM, the Ladies of the group.

THANK YOU for accepting me in to the group, for the great conservation, the love support and silliness. Sure it is going to be a long season and I cant wait to share it with you all


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Congratulations. Nice work

Go Sox.

Dan Lester, St. George, Utah, USA

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