At Home with the Mets


After a much-needed day off the White Sox are back with a short two game series with the New York Mets.

Chris Sale is in the mound office today and John Danks is scheduled for tomorrow.

Grab a coffee and see you soon.

***First Inning

*2 – 1 (Mets Lead)

Mets – (double,steals third)(struck out)(walk,stole second)(fly out to short right center,runner scores)(single,runner scores)(struck out)

Sox – De Aza(infield single,steals second), Ramirez(infielders choice,out at first) Rios(ground out to third,De Aza scores) Dunn(walk), Viciedo(lined out to second),

***Second Inning

*2 – 1 (Mets Lead)

Mets – (struck out)(struck out)(popped out to short)

Sox – Gillaspie(fouled out to third), Keppinger(lined out to right)Beckham(flied out to right),

***Third Inning

*2 – 2 

Mets – (struck out)(ground out to first)(struck out)

Sox –  Flowers(HOME RUN), De Aza(ground out to first), Ramirez(walk,stole second) Rios(ground out to second,Ramirez to third) Dunn(lined out to center),

***Fourth Inning

*2 – 2

Mets – (struck out)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  Viciedo(ground out to short), Gillaspie(flied out to right), Keppinger(ground out to short),

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 3 (Sox Lead)

Mets – (HOME RUN)(ground out to third)(ground out to pitcher)(ground out to first)

Sox – Beckham(single to left center,stole second,scored run), Flowers(hit by pitch,advance to third,scored run), De Aza(ground to second), Ramirez(Sac Fly), Rios(struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 3 (Sox Lead)

Mets – (struck out)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox –  Dunn(double,advance to third), Viciedo(fly out to right center), Gillaspie(walk), Keppinger(lined out to second), Beckham(fouled out to right),

***Seventh Inning

*4 – 3 (Sox Lead)

Mets – (ground out to short)(single to center)(grounded in to double play, short to first)

Sox – Flowers(fly out to right), De Aza(infield single to short), Ramirez(popped out to first), Rios(ground out to second),

***Eighth Inning

*4 – 3 (Sox Lead)

Mets – (ground out to second)(struck out)(walk)(flied out to second)

Sox –  Dunn(walk), Viciedo(hit into double play), Gillaspie(ground out to second),

***Ninth Inning

*5 – 4 

Mets – (single,stole second)(struck out)(fly out to right center)(runner scores on error by Beckham – E 4)(struck out)

Sox – Keppinger(single,score), Beckham(bunt,safe at first), Flowers(hit into double play,Beckham out at second) De Aza(fouled out to third), Ramirez (double to left)

That was a real nail biter. With Jeff Keppinger on third, Alexei Ramirez hit a double to the left corner. IF Gordon Beckham had backed off and allowed Conor Gillaspie to make the catch it would have ended at the top of the ninth inning.

John Danks is on the mound tomorrow for the boys before a day off on Thursday. Cleveland Indians arrive on Friday for a four game series with a double-header on Friday starting at 4:00 pm Chicago Time

See you at The Cell


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