Closing the Office in Kansas City

gordon-beckham   It’s the final game of the road trip before we head home for a much-needed day off. Things are slowly coming together but there is plenty more work to do. It’s Dylan Axelrod in the office today for the Sox.

Grab a coffee and see you shortly.

***First Inning

*2 – 0 (Sox lead)

Sox – De Aza(Walk), Ramirez(single), Rios(fly out to right), Konerko(walk), Dunn(single,De Aza,Ramirez score) Viciedo(flied out to right), Gillaspie(struck out),

Royals(single)(hit into double play)(ground out to first)

***Second Inning

*2 – 0 (Sox Lead)

Sox – Beckham(single), Gimenez (fly out to right), De Aza(fielder‘s choice,Beckham out at second) Ramirez (fielders Choice to short,De Aza out at second)

Royals – (struck out)(struck out)(double)(flied out to left)

***Third Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox –  Rios(hit by pitch), Konerko(struck out,Rios Stole second) Dunn(HOME RUN,Rios scored) Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(struck out),

Royals – (ground out to second)(single,stole second)(single,runner scored,stole second)(pop out to short)(ground out to first)

***Fourth Inning

*4 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sox –  Beckham(fly out to center), Gimenez(single to left), De Aza(single,Gimenez to second) Ramirez(line out to third), Rios(fly out to right),

Royals – (line out to second)(fly out to right)(single)(ground out to first)

***Fifth Inning

*4 – 4 

Dylan Axelrod gives the mound pass to Nate Jones

Sox –  Konerko(single), Dunn(walk,Konerko to second) Viciedo(lined out to left), Gillaspie(popped out to short), Beckham(ground into fielders choice,Dunn out at second)

Royals – (HOME RUN)(HOME RUN)(ground out to catcher)(double)(ground out to pitcher)(single to left,runner scored)(single)(pop out to third)

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 4 

Sox – Gimenez(struck out), De Aza(struck out,safe at first on wild pitch,out stealing second) Ramirez(single,safe at second after steal), Rios(walk), Konerko(struck out),

Royals – (line out to second)(struck out)(walk)(ground out to first)

***Seventh Inning

*6 – 4

Nate Jones has given the mound duties to Matt Thornton

Sox – Dunn(struck out), Viciedo,(Jordan Danks running)(single),Keppinger(single),Beckham(double,Danks and Konerko score)Gimenez(struck out), De Aza(ground out to short),

Royals – (ground out to short)(ground out to second)(struck out)

***Eighth Inning

*7 – 6 (Royals Lead)

Matt Thornton passes off to Jesse Crain

Sox –  Ramirez(struck out), Rios(single to right,out stealing second), Konerko(struck out),

Royals – (single)(single)(runner safe at first due to error)(struck out)(struck out)(walk,runner scored)(runner safe at first due to Ramirez error, two runs score)(fouled out to third)

***Ninth Inning

*7 – 6 (Royals Lead)

Sox – Dunn(struck out), Danks(struck out),Keppinger(ground out to second)

That is the game. It was ours to win but with TWO major mistakes in one inning it was not to be. Jesse Crain and Alexei Ramirez where the players who now I lay the blame with.

Time to head home to The Cell and a much-needed day off. The New York Mets come to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday before another day off and then the Cleveland Indians come to visit for a four game series with a double-header on Saturday.

Pack your travel bag, Lets go home



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