Throwing White Sox Among Blue Jays

mark-buehrle-no-hitterMorning Kids,

It’s game one of a three game series with the Toronto Blue Jays with the Sox giving the mound pass to Dylan Axelrod.

Grab a coffee and see you for the first pitch.

***First Inning

*2 – 0 (Jays lead)

Jays – (single)(HOME RUN)(Popped out to Catcher)(ground out to second)(walk)(fly out to right)

Sox – De Aza(single)(stolen base), Ramirez(pitcher to first), Rios(fly out to right), Konerko(third to first),

***Second Inning

*3 – 2 (Sox lead)

Jays – (popped out to third)(ground out to pitcher)(ground out to second)

Sox –  Dunn(single)Viciedo(fly out to right), Keppinger(single to left)Beckham(single to right), Gimenez(Sac Fly,run scores), De Aza(Single,runners scored), Ramirez(single to left), Rios(ground out to second),

***Third Inning

*4 – 2 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (single)(walk)(struck out)(flied out to left)(walk)(fly out to center)

Sox – Konerko(lined out to first), Dunn(HOME RUN), Viciedo(double), Keppinger(lined out to second), Beckham(hit by a pitch)(picked off at second), Gimenez(walk),

***Fourth Inning

*7 – 5 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (single)(fly out to left)(single,runners at first and second)(popped out to second)(HOME RUN)(walk)(fly out to deep left)

Sox –  De Aza(lined out to second), Ramirez(double), Rios(popped out to second,Ramirez to third) Konerko(hit by pitch), Dunn(HOME RUN), Viciedo(ground out to pitcher),

***Fifth Inning

Dylan Axelrod passes to Nate Jones

*7 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (HOME RUN) (single)(struck out)(hit into double play)

Sox – Keppinger(fly out to left), Beckham(fly out to right center), Gimenez(ground out to pitcher),

***Sixth Inning

Nate Jones passes off to Matt Thornton

*7 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (single)(single,runners at first and second)(struck out)(pop out in foul territory first base side)(struck out)

Sox –  De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(single), Rios(single to right), Konerko(flied out to right),

***Seventh Inning

Matt Thornton passes to Matt Lindstrom passes to Jesse Crain

*7 – 6 (Sox lead)

Jays – (struck out)(fly out to right)(single)(walk)(walk)(bases loaded)(struck out)

Sox – Dunn(walk), Viciedo(hit into double play), Keppinger(ground out to third),

***Eighth Inning – 

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (popped out to third)(single)(double,runners at second and third)(ground out to pitcher)(ground out to short)

Sox – Beckham(single to left),Gimenez(single,runners at first and third)(Casper Wells in to run) De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(single,Beckham scores) Rios(struck out), Konerko(single)(Ramirez scores), Dunn(single), Jordan Danks(ground out to first)

***Ninth Inning

Jesse Crain passes to  Addison Reed, Tyler flowers behind the plate

*10 – 6 (Sox Lead)

Jays – (ground out to third)(struck out)(ground out to first)

I made the cardinal sin today when working the game. I did not check a spelling before writing something and I can’t apologize for the mistake enough. The White Sox showed a video of former Sox Pitcher Mark Buehrle who is now with the Toronto Blue Jays. It was on the fly that the video was announced and I just wanted to get the word out.  I am human and I do make mistakes. So one again to the Sox fans out there my apologizes.

That is the game kids, The Sox win a Fog delayed game by a score of 10 to 6. Jose Quintana is on the mound tomorrow for the Sox in-game two of the three game series.

Be careful driving home.

See you on the field


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