Finally at Home and here comes Oakland

chi_u_white-sox-06_mb_576Morning Kids

It’s good to finally be home but here comes the Oakland Athletics for a four game series. Jose Quintana is on the mound.

Grab coffee and see you at the top of the first

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Athletics – (ground out to short)(ground out to third),fly out to right)

Sox – De Aza(ground out to short), Ramirez(lined out to short), Rios(struck out)

***Second Inning 

*0 – 0

Athletics – (ground out to short)(ground out to third)(ground out to short)

Sox –  Dunn(fly out to left), Konerko(pop out to first), Viciedo(ground out to third),,

***Third Inning

*3 – 0 (sox lead)

Athletics – (ground out to second)(fly out to right)(struck out)

Sox –  Gillaspie(ground out to first), Beckham(single), Flowers(hit into force, safe at first), De Aza(double), Ramirez(single)(stole second)(wild pitch,on third) Ríos(Sac fly, runner scores , Dunn(foul out to third),

***Fourth Inning

*3 – 1 (sox lead)

Athletics – (line drive to short)(HOMERUN)(single)(struck out)

Sox –  Konerko(fly out to right), Viciedo(struck out), Gillaspie(fly out to right),

****Fifth Inning

*4- 2 (sox lead)

Athletics – (single to center)(pop out to second)(ground out to third,runner to second)(double to left,runner scored)(ground out to second)

Sox – Beckham(walk), Flowers(double), De Aza(single,Beckham scores)(steals second) Ramirez(popped out to second), Rios(walk)(bases loaded), Dunn(fly out to right),

***Sixth Inning

*4 – 3 (sox lead)

Athletics – (fly out to right)(HOME RUN)

Sox –  Konerko(lined out to left), Viciedo(fly out to right), Gillaspie(flied out to left)

***Seventh Inning

*4 – 4 (tie score)

Athletics – (ground out to second)(HOME RUN)(flied out to left)(fouled out to first)

Sox – Beckham(struck out), Flowers(fly out to shallow right), De Aza(fly out to center),

***Eighth Inning

Jose Quintana passes the mound to Matt Lindstrom

*4 – 4

Athletics – (infield single to second)(ground into double play)

Sox – Ramirez(struck out), Rios(double to deep left), Dunn(struck out), Konerko(ground out to third),

***Ninth Inning

Matt Lindstrom passes the mound to Jesse Crain

*4 – 4

Athletics – (struck out)(struck out)(ground out to first)

Sox –  Viciedo(single to left)(Jordan Danks in to pitch run), Gillaspie(bunted to fields choice to third,danks out at second) Beckham(ground out to short,gillaspie to second), Flowers(struck out),

***Tenth Inning

Jesse Crain passes the mound to Matt Thornton

*5 – 4

Athletics – (struck out)(ground out to third)(HOME RUN)(infield single to third)(fouled out to second)

Sox –  De Aza(single to right), Ramirez(sac bunt to catcher)(de aza to second), Rios(ground out to short,de aza to third) Dunn,(fly out to left)

That is the game kids, Oakland Athletics still have our number taking this game by a score of 5 to four in Ten Innings

Chris Sale is on the mound tomorrow in-game two of the series.

See you at The Cell


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