Visiting the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies

Xavier Paul, Troy Tulowitzki     Evening Kids,

We are off visiting again with the Reds and the Rockies. I got this game on Tuesday Morning here in Australia which would make it on Monday in Ohio.

On the mound for the Rockies is Tyler Chatwood (ERA 2.12) and for the Reds is Bronson Arroyo (3.18) at game time.

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Rockies – (fly out to center)(ground out to short)(bunt,runner at first)(ground out to short)

Reds – (fly out to center)(struck out)(ground out to second)

***Second Inning

*0 – 0

Rockies – (ground out to pitcher)(single)(struck out)(fly out to center)

Reds – (single to right)(6-4-3 double play)(ground out to short)

***Third Inning

Umpire change due to injury

*0 – 0

Rockies – (ground out to short)(fly out to left)(fly out shallow center)

Reds – (walk)(hit into double play)(single)(struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*1 – 0 (reds Lead)

Rockies – (single)(line out to third)(struck out)(ground out to third)

Reds – (struck out)(struck out)(single)(runner safe at second on a steal)(triple,runner scores)(ground out to short)

***Fifth Inning

*1 – 0 (reds lead)

Pitching Change for the Rockies

Rockies – (shallow right)(struck out)(catcher to first)

Reds – (single to left)(struck out)(sac bunt)(walk)(struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*1 – 0 (reds lead)

Reds – (fly out to center)(line out to second)(ground out to first)

Rockies – (ground out to first)(line out to second)(struck out)

***Seventh Inning

*1 – 0 (reds lead)

Rockies – (line out to pitcher)(single)(5 – 3 out)(fly out to deep right)

Reds – (ground out to short)(hit by pitch)(ground to second, lead runner out)(fly out to right)

***Eighth Inning

*3 – 0 (reds lead)

Pitching change for the Rockies, a second change on the mound for the Rockies

Rockies – (line out to second)(fly out to left)(ground out to second)

Reds – (struck out)(double)(struck out)(HOME RUN)(single)(single)(walk)(ground out to short)

***Ninth Inning

*3 – 0 (reds lead)

Rockies – (struck out)(struck out)(walk)(struck out)

That is the game with the Cincinnati Reds winning over the Colorado Rockies by a score of Three to Zero. It is the first game in their three game series.

Thanks for hanging out





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