It Took 16 Inning but FINALLY A Win

a-addison-reed-1A rather large sigh of relief, in 16 inning the White Sox have finally gotten a well deserved win.

I didn’t get up for the original game due to the hour and needing some extra sleep but what I found when I woke up I was just stunned to say the least. It has been so long and there was so much frustration amongst fans and the players.

The 12 extra innings run that were scored by both teams combined has tied an American League record for most extra inning runs scored in a game.

There was NO SCORE through 13 innings. Then things started to unfold…

***14th Inning


Rios singled to center, De Aza scored, Ramirez to second. 1 – 0

Wells reaches on an infield single to short, Rios scored, Dunn to third, Konerko to second. 2 – 0

Keppinger single to center, Dunn and Konerko scored, Wells to second. 4 – 0

Gimenez double to deep center, Wells scored, Keppinger to third. 5 – 0


Single to left,Runner scores, runners to third and second. 5 – 1 (White sox)

Grand Slam.  Score now 5 – 5  TIE

***16th Inning


De Aza singled to center, Beckham scored, De Aza advancing to second on throw. 6 – 5 (White Sox Lead)

Rios reaches on an infield single to third,De Aza scores, Rios to second on a throwing by third base. 7 – 5 (White Sox Lead)


All three batters were struck out by White Sox Pitcher Addison Reed

It is back home to The Cell to welcome the Oakland Athletics for a four game series. Following them will be the Toronto Blue Jays for a three game series before a much-needed day off.

Robin is taking the next two days off to attend Graduation Ceremonies, with Mark Parent taking the reigns on Thursday and Coach Don Cooper on Friday.

Jake Peavy has a non-displaced rib fracture and is out for the next four to six weeks. Hector Santiago will take Jake’s place in the upcoming rotation.

See you at The Cell


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