Game Two In Seattle

gordon-beckhamMorning Gang

It’s game two with the Seattle Mariners and Jake has the keys to the mound office today.

Robin has really given the line up a good shake so lets see if this gets anything done.

For those of you who were at the White Sox Cubs series the night it rained and was called, the make up game has been rescheduled for JULY EIGHT. Game tickets and parking coupons will be honored. It’s a 7:10 start.

Grab a coffee and a snack, see you at the top of the first.

***First Inning

*3 – 1 (mariners lead)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(single), Gordon Beckham(single to right,de aza to third,Gordon out at second) Conor Gillaspie(ground out to second,de aza scored), Alex Rios(struck out)

Mariners (single to center)(fly out to center,runner to second)(fly out to center,runner to third)(single to center,runner scores)(HOME RUN, runner scored)(ground out to first)

***Second Inning

*3 – 2 (mariners lead)

Sox – , Paul Konerko(ground out to third)Adam Dunn(HOME RUN)Alexei Ramirez(single to center, stole second)Jordan Danks(struck out), Tyler Flowers(ground out to short)

Mariners – (single)(fly out to center)(fly out to center)(ground out to first)

***Third Inning

Brian Omogrosso has the mound keys from Jake Peavy who left injured

*6 – 2

Sox –  De Aza(ground out to second), Beckham(struck out), Gillaspie (ground out to first),

Mariners – (single)(fly out to center)(double)(double)(struck out)(

***Fourth Inning

*6 – 2

Sox –  Rios(ground out to short),Konerko(struck out),Dunn(line out to left),

Mariners – (struck out)(ground out to first)(walk)(single,runners at first and third)(ground out to second)

***Fifth Inning

Brian Omogrosso passes the mound to Nate Jones

*6 – 2

Sox –  Ramirez(struck out), Danks(walk), Flowers(hit into double play),

Mariners – (struck out)(single)(out stealing second)(struck out)

***Sixth Inning

*6 – 2

Sox –  De Aza(lined out to first), Beckham(ground out to first), Gillaspie(struck out),

Mariners – (struck out)(flied out to left)(struck out)

***Seventh Inning

*6 – 2

Sox – Rios(struck out), Konerko(ground out to shortstop), Dunn(ground out to second),

Mariners – (struck out)(struck out)(

***Eighth Inning

Pitching change for Seattle

Nate Jones passes off to Hector Santiago who passes off to Matt Lindstrom

*7 – 4

Sox –  Ramirez(single), Danks(struck out), Flowers(double,ramirez scores) De Aza(single,flowers scores) Beckham(hit into double play),

Mariners – (struck out)(walk,safe at second on a steal,safe at third on steal)(sac fly,runner scores)(struck out)

***Ninth Inning

*7 – 4

Sox –  Gillaspie(walk), Rios(pop out to first), Konerko(hits into double play)

That is the game,with the final score of Seattle Mariners 7 and the White sox 4. Jake Peavy left the game early with chest complaints. First x-rays show everything clear but he will have an MRI in the next couple of days. He was complaining of discomfort in the pec muscle area.

See you on the field




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