All Ohio Classic with the Reds and Indians

Cincinnati-Reds-Cleveland-IndiansSince the White Sox were rained out today, it’s time to go visiting to another park and see how other teams are going. Today we head to my home state of Ohio and to The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio for the game between the Cincinnati Red and the Cleveland Indians.

On the mound for the Reds today is Mat Latos and for the Indians is Zach McAllister

The Cincinnati Crew calling the game today. The Reds uniforms are all white with red numbers, letters and trim. Indians are wearing grey Pants with Navy Jerseys, with red letters and numbers.

***First Inning

*3 – 0 (Reds Lead)

Indians  – (single to center)(out to deep center)(struck out)(pop out to center)

Reds – (double)(single)(runner scores, base runners at first and third)(wild pitch, runner to second)(pitcher to first)(struck out)(single, two runs score)(pop out to shallow center)

***Second Inning

*3 – 0 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (second to first)(walk)(struck out)(struck out)

Reds – (fly out to left)(struck out)(struck out)

***Third Inning

*3 – 0 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (line drive to first)(fly out to deep center)(walk)(struck out)

Reds – (double)(struck out)(fly out to shallow left)(struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*3 – 0 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (ground out to first)(struck out)(struck out)

Reds – (single)(pop out to shallow right)(struck out)(single,runners at first and second)(fly out to center)

***Fifth Inning

*3 – 1 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (third to first)(single to left)(stolen base)(struck out)(single,runner scores)(second to first)

Reds – (single)(stole second)(hit by pitch)(runners at first and second)(fly out to center)(picked off at second trying to steal)(single,runner to second)(fly out to left)

***Sixth Inning

Pitching Change for Cleveland, another change for Cleveland

*3 – 1 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (first to pitcher)(single)(single,runners at first and second)(fly out to center)(second to short to get force)

Reds – (double)(second to first, runner moves to third)(walk)(got runner at second,runners at first and third)(struck out)

***Seventh Inning

*7- 1 (Reds Lead)

Reds pitching change,another pitching change

Pitching change for the Indians

Indians – (fly out to left)(walk)(walk,runners at first and second)(struck out)(struck out)

Reds – (single)(struck out)(single,runner to second)(error to catcher,base hit,runner scores,runners at second and third)(single to left center, runner scores,runners at first and third)(single,runner scores, runners at first and second)(wild pitch,runners advance)(hit by pitch)(single to left,two runners score,tagged out at home)(pitcher to first)

***Eighth Inning

Reds Pitching Change

*7 – 2 (Reds Lead)

Indians – (struck out but safe at first)(second to first, runner advances)(fly out to right center, runner to third)(single,runner scores)(steals second)


My video feed ran out here but  with the help of game cast, the Reds added one more in the bottom of the eighth inning. There were able to hold the Indians to just two runs.

Thanks for joining me.

See you soon




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