Game Two in the Battle of the Sox Drawer

920085_10151959312003298_1730969421_oMorning Gang,

Its game two in the Sox drawer battle as the Boston Red Sox and the White Sox do battle again.

Jose Quintana is in the mound office today. Jose has an ERA of 3.97, with a 2 – 1 record

Grab a coffee and see you at the top of the first

***First Inning

*0 – 0

Red Sox – (fly out to left)(struck out)(struck out)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza(first to pitcher), Alexei Ramirez(single), Alex Rios(hit into double play),

***Second Inning

*0 – 0

Red Sox – (pop out to third)(struck out)(walk)(short to second for the force)

Sox – Paul Konerko(third to first), Adam Dunn(struck out), Dayan Viciedo(struck out),

***Third Inning

*0 – 0

Red Sox –(fly out to right)(fly out to left)(pop out to short)

Sox – Jeff Keppinger(grounded out to short), Tyler Flowers(struck out), Tyler Greene(fly out to right)

***Fourth Inning

*0 – 0

Red Sox –(third to first)(third to first)(second to first)

Sox –  De Aza(walk), Ramirez(hit into double play), Rios(short to first),

***Fifth Inning

*0 – 0

Red Sox – (fly to right)(fly to center)(fly out to right center)

Sox –  Konerko(pop out first base), Dunn(first base), Viciedo(single), Keppinger(HOME RUN), Flowers(double), Greene(third to first)

***Sixth Inning


Red Sox – (fly out to short)(struck out)(walk)(struck out)

Sox – De Aza(ground out to second), Ramirez(pop out to second), Rios(single), Konerko(walk), Dunn(fly out to right),

***Seventh Inning


Jesse Crain now pitching – 0.89ERA

Red Sox – (pop out to third)(single)(single)(single,bases loaded)(struck out)

Sox – Viciedo(fly out to right), Keppinger(fly out to right), Flowers(pitcher to first),

***Eighth Inning

Matt Thornton now pitching

Matt Lindstrom taking over on mound (4.76 ERA)


Red Sox – (walk)(single)(runners at first and second)(fly out to left center)(wild pitch, runners advance)(error charged to short, runner scores)(hit into double play)

Sox – Greene(struck out), De Aza(line out to first). Ramirez(single), Rios(double)(ramirez scores), Konerko(walk), Dunn(struck out),

***Ninth Inning

Addison Reed on the mound


Red Sox – (struck out)(fly out to left)(pop out to center)

Round Two in the battle of the Sox Drawer goes to the WHITE SOX with a score of 3 – 1

It was just pouring as Addison was doing his best to finish the game. We got the final out and it looked like the heavens just opened.

Hector Santiago in on the mound, replacing Chris Sale as they give him a few extra days hoping that the tendonitis will take care of itself. At this point Chris is scheduled to pitch in the Cubs series next week.

OK, grab a towel and get dried off and a warm set of cloths on.

See you at The Cell



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