Visiting the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros

7731388676_2435e1151d I got this game on television on May 14. Normally I don’t watch but we might visit a few other teams to see what is going on and what we are facing in the coming weeks. I don’t know much about the teams as I have been out of the loop for a while but lets see what going on.

I wont do the actual batting line up but will keep track of what happens in the innings like I do for the White Sox.

Tonight we are at Comerica Park in Detroit

Tigers starting pitcher is Anibal Sanchez

Astros starting pitcher is Bud Norris

*0 – 0

***First Inning

Astros – (single)(force at first, runner to second)(third to first,runner holds)(second to first)

Tigers – (double)(double,runner scores)(short to first)(second to first, runner to third)(second to first)

*1 – 0 (Tigers lead)

***Second Inning

*1 – 0 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (struck out)(fly out to deep center)(double)(line out to third)

Tigers – (line out to first)(single due to players colliding in outfield)(line out to left,runner thrown out returning to first)

***Third Inning

*2 – 1 (Astros Lead)

Astros – (single)(runner steals second)(double, runner scores)(single, runner to third)(runner steals second)(short to first, runner at third scores)(flies to center, runner holds)(Struck out)

Tigers – (fly out to left center)(single to center)(line drive to second)(struck out)

***Fourth Inning

*2 – 7 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (struck out)(fly out to left)(short to first)

Tigers – (double)(HOME RUN)(second to first)(single)(single, runners at first and second)(walk, bases loaded)(GRAND SLAM)(short to first)(fly out)

***Fifth Inning

*7 – 2 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (bunt, out at first)(short to first)(runner at first)(struck out)

Tigers – (second to first)(fly out to left)(struck out)

***Sixth InningPitching Change for Astros

*7 – 2 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (struck out)(struck out)(struck out)

Tigers – (single)(fly out to left)(6 – 4 – 3 double play)

***Seventh Inning

*7 – 2 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (single)(struck out)(third to second to first double play)

Tigers – (pitcher to first)(struck out)(struck out)

***Eighth Inning (pitching change for Tigers)

*7 – 2 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (fly out to deep center)(second to first)(hit by pitch)(out at first)

Tigers – (struck out)(pitcher to first)(second to first)

*7 – 2 (Tigers Lead)

Astros – (fly out to deep center)(single)(runner steals second)(fly out to deep left)(short to first)


Game belongs to the Tigers by a score of 7 to 2


Detroit has three players batting at OVER .300 and its consistent batting. Combine that with solid pitching, throwing  a large number of strikes and it is going to be hard to beat them this year.

Its been interesting to get familiar with the teams and I will do another game soon

Thanks for joining me







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