Game TWO with the Twins

Jake   Morning Kids……

Its game two of the series in Minnesota with the Twins. Jake Peavy is on the mound tonight for the White Sox and, the line up is a bit different from yesterdays crew which  you will see as the game opens.

See you at the top of the first

*0 – 0

***First Inning Sox – Alejandro De Aza (grounded out to first), Alexei Ramirez(infield single to short), Alex Rios(grounded into double play),

Twins – (ground out to third)(single to center)(grounded into double play)

*0 – 0

***Second Inning – Adam Dunn(home run to center), Dayan Viciedo(home run to left), Conor Gillaspie(single to center), Jeff Keppinger(hit into double play), DeWayne Wise(lined out to first),

Twins – (fly out to left)(fly out to center)(popped out to short)

*2 – 0 (SOX LEAD)

***Third Inning

Sox – Tyler Flowers(struck out), De Aza(flied out to center), Ramirez(flied out to center),

Twins – (grounded out to first)(grounded out to first)(struck out)

*2 – 0 (Sox LEAD)

***Fourth Inning

Sox –  Rios(single to left), Dunn(struck out), Viciedo(hit into double play),

Twins –(struck out) (pitcher to first)(struck out)

*2 – 0 (Sox Lead)

***Fifth Inning – Gillaspie(grounded out to second), Keppinger(grounded out to short),Wise(lined out to right)

Twins – (double to center)(lined out to left)(struck out swinging)(single, runner scores)(fouled out to third)

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

***Sixth Inning – Flowers (single), De Aza(single,flowers to second), Ramirez(hit into double play, flowers to third), Rios(short to first),

Twins – (line to short)(single)(struck out)(caught stealing second)

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

***Seventh Inning

Sox – Dunn (right to first), Viciedo(Walk)(force out at second), Gillaspie(single), Keppinger(fly out to left),

Twins – (double)(fly out to deep left)(struck out)(single,runner scores)(short to first)

*2 – 2 ( Tie Score)


Sox –  Wise(double), Flowers(double, wise scores), De Aza(bunt one to four)(moves flowers to third), Ramirez(RBI,flowers scores)(steals second), Rios(intentional walk)(runners at one and two), Dunn(struck out), Viciedo(pitcher to first),

Twins – (line out to second)(out at first)(struck out)

*4 – 2 (Sox Lead)

***Ninth Inning

Sox –  Gillaspie(single), Keppinger(struck out), Wise(single,Gillespie to second) Flowers(line out to second), De Aza(fly out left)

Addison Reed Now Pitching

Twins – (fly out to left center)((struck out)(single)(fly out to center)

Put that one in the book. Sox WIN by a score of FOUR to TWO. Jake Peavy get the win and Addison Reed the save.

Its Dylan Axelrod on the mound for the Sox tomorrow. It’s a really early game and since I am still in recuperating mode, I will be looking up and giving you game highlights when I wake up later in the morning. It’s a 2:40am start here in Australia.

Have a super rest of the day for the Aussie and get some sleep those of you in the USA who stayed up for this win.

See you for game three tomorrow


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