Game One at Target Field

HectorMorning Kids.

Game one in a three game series with the Minnesota Twins. Before the opening of this series the Twins are sitting at number four on the ladder, two and a half games out of first place, with the Sox sitting at five games out so any win would help us out heaps.

Hector Santiago has the mound pass today (ERA – 1.42)

See you at the top of the first inning….

***First Inning 

*2 – 0 (De Aza scores)(Ramirez scores)

Sox – Alejandro De Aza (single), Alexei Ramirez (single, De Aza to second), Alex Rios (double, De Aza scores), Dayan Viciedo (deep fly to center, ramirez scores), Adam Dunn(struck out), Jeff Keppinger(third to first),

Twins – (fly out to right)(single)(pop out to short)(single,runner to second)

*2 – 0 (Sox Lead)

***Second Inning

Sox – Casper Wells(third to first)Tyler Flowers(single)Tyler Greene(hit into double play)

Twins –(strike out)(strike out)(fly to short right)

*2 – 0 (Sox Lead)

***Third Inning

Sox –  De Aza(struck out), Ramirez(line out to third), Rios(short to first),

Twins – (double)(single,runner to third)(stolen base, runners at 2 and 3)(walk, bases loaded)(fly to right,runners hold)(runner reaches on error, ONE run scores)(mental mistake by de aza, runner scores)(double, two runs score)(pitcher to first)

*4 – 2 (Twins Lead)

***Fourth Inning

Sox – Viciedo(struck out), Dunn(pop out to left), Keppinger(second to first),


Twins – (home run)(third to first)(pop out to short)(strike out)

*5 – 2 (Twins Lead)

***Fifth Inning

Sox – Wells(fly out to right center), Flowers(short to first), Greene(struck out),

Angels – (short to first)(catcher to first)(single)(second to first)

*5 – 2 (Twins Lead)

***Sixth Inning

Sox – De Aza(single), Ramirez(double,de aza to third), Rios(sac fly single)(de aza scores, ramirez to third), Viciedo(struck out), Dunn (flied out to deep center),

Twins – (stuck out)(home run)(fouled out to first)(struck out)

*6 – 3 (Twins lead)(de aza scores)

***Seventh Inning

Sox –  Keppinger(struck out),Wells(fly out to center), Flowers(single to center)(goes to second on wild pitch), Greene(struck out),

Twins – Brian Omogrosso now on the mound for the Sox (walk)(strikeout)(double,runners at 2 and 3)(force out first)(fly out to right)

*6 – 3 (Twins Lead)

***Eighth Inning

Sox –  De Aza(single), Ramirez(single, de aza to 2nd)), Ríos(struck out), Viciedo(pop out to short center), Dunn(walk)(bases loaded), Keppinger(Conor Gillaspie pitch hitting)(force at first),

Twins – Deunte Heath now on the mound for the Sox (double)(walk)(infield hit)(double play, home plate to first)(intentional walk)(walk)(double)(fly to center)

*10 – 3 (Twins Lead)

***Ninth Inning

Sox –  Wells(single), Flowers(struck out), Greene(pitcher to first, Wells to second),De Aza(second to first)


Final Score – Twins 10 and Sox 3. To call this one a disaster is an understatement. Lets hope that game two can be better. Get some rest kids and see you at the ballpark


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