At Home with the Los Angeles Angels

Chris Sale ONE hitter   Morning Kids

At home against the LA Angels, and The Cell is looking good.

Chris Sale on the mound today.

Lets head to the top of the first

***First Inning

Angels – went down in order

*0 – 0

Sox – Alejandro De Aza (pop out to short), Alexei Ramirez (double), Alex Rios (pop out to first), Paul Konerko (third to first out)

***Second Inning

Angels – (line drive to short)(fly out to center)(fly out to right center) (sale threw just FIVE pitches)

*0 – 0

Sox –  Dayan Viciedo (strike out), Paul Keppinger (fly out to center), Casper Wells (double)(thrown out at home) , Tyler Flowers,

***Third Inning

Angels – (third to first)(strike out)(ground out to second)

*0 – 0

Sox –  Tyler Greene (struck out looking), De Aza (second to first), Ramirez (pop out)

***Fourth Inning

Angels – (pop out to short)(fly out to right center)(short to first)

*0 – 0

Sox –  Rios (pop out in foul territory), Konerko(walk), Viciedo(walk, send paul to second), Keppinger(fly out to left), Wells(fly out to center)

***Fifth Inning
Angels –(short to first)(second to first)(fly out to right)
*0 – 0
Sox –  Flowers(fly out to center), Greene(ground out), De Aza(strikeout),
***Sixth Inning
Angels –(struck out looking)(strike out)(pop out to second)
*0 – 0
Sox –  Ramirez (single to center)(stole second)(stole third), Rios(fly out to right), Konerko(short to first), Viciedo(walk), Keppinger(fly out to left),
***Seventh Inning – What an AMAZING performance by Chris Sale
Angels – (shortstop to first)(single)(third to first for out, runner to second)(runner steals third)(strikeout) (replay of third base steal showed runner was really OUT)
*3 – 0 (SOX LEAD)
Sox –  Wells(short to first), Flowers(walk), Greene(base hit to center, flowers to second)(WILD PITCH, runners advance), De Aza(pitcher to first), Ramirez(LINE DRIVE TO LEFT, RUNNERS SCORE)(scored from first), Rios(triple), Konerko(struck out)
***Eighth Inning (Addison Reed throws in the bullpen)
*3 – 0 (SOX LEAD)
Angels –  (fly out to left)(struck out swinging)(struck out swinging)
Sox – Viciedo(broken bat single to right), Keppinger(flied out to shallow right), Wells(struck out), Flowers(struck out)
***Ninth Inning
*3 – 0  (SOX LEAD)
Angels – (infield single)(hit into double play)(flied out to center)
Sox WIN by a score of  THREE TO ZERO
The best performance by Chris Sale throwing LESS than 100 pitches.
Pack your bag kids, its off to Minnesota
See you there for the first of a three game series

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