Sunday Afternoon in Kansas City

Alejandro De Aza - Chicago AL - 2012 Home

Alejandro De Aza – Chicago AL – 2012 Home (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)


Morning Gang,


Just waiting for the video link to be available. Not able to find a lineup card on Facebook but I do know that its Jose Quintana working the mound today. Sorry Gang, all the links are dead and what I do have is NO SOUND and have given in to visual only.


Grab a coffee and get settled, will see you at the top of the first inning.


First Inning – Alejandro De Aza (strikeout) , Jeff Keppinger (single), Alex Rios (strikeout), Adam Dunn, (ground to first)


Royals(strike out)(line drive to third)


*0 – 0


Second Inning  – Paul Konerko (fly out to right), Conor Gillaspie (ground out to second), Alexei Ramirez (flied out to center)


Royals – (three up and three down)


*0 – 0


Third Inning  – Hector Gimenez, (strikeout)  DeWayne Wise (single to left), De Aza (walk), Keppinger (single), Rios (safe at first but force got De Aza out), Dunn (pitcher to first),


Royals – (Strike out)(fly out to center)


*1 – 0 (SOX LEAD)


Fourth – Konerko (flies out to left), Gillaspie(walk) , Ramirez (flies out to right), Gimenez (flied out to center), Wise, De Aza, Keppinger, Rios, Dunn,


Royals –  (out)(out)(walk)(lined out to left)


*1 – 0 (SOX LEAD)


 Fifth Inning – Wise (single to center)(stole second), De Aza (strike out), Keppinger (grounded out to third), Rios (walk), Dunn (strike out)


Royals – (fly out to center)(single to right)(double to left, runners at 2nd and 3rd)(walk, bases loaded)(soft single to left)fielding error, runner scores)(single, runner scores)(batter lines out to shortstop)(batter flies out to left)


*3 – 1 (Royals Score)


Sixth Inning –  Konerko(single) , Gillaspie (flied out to center), Ramirez (grounded into double play),


Royals – (single)(single,runners on first and second)(batter hit into double play)


*3 – 1 (Royals Ahead)(Nate Jones on the mound)


Seventh Inning –  Gimenez (single), Wise ((single, hector to second), De Aza ( ( Double, BOTH runners score), Keppinger ( (grounded out to second, De Aza to third) (De Aza scored on wild pitch), Rios (HOMERUN to left), Dunn (single), Konerko (strikeout) , Gillaspie (flies out to left)


Royals – (single)(strikeout)(runners on first and second)(batter hits into double play)


*5 – 3 (Sox Score)(Matt Thornton now on the mound)(Matt Lindstrom on mound)


Eighth Inning – Ramirez (grounds out to second), Gimenez ( strikeout), Wise (strikeout)


Royals – (flies to center) (single to center)(pops out to third)(strike out)


*5 – 3(SOX LEAD)(Jesse Crain now on the mound)


 Ninth Inning – De Aza (grounds out to first), Keppinger (flies out to right), Rios (grounds out to third)


Royals – (walk)(wild pitch, runner to second)(walk, runners at first and second)(flies out to left)(flies out to center)(double)


*5 – 5 (Royals Score)(Brian Omogrosso on the mound)


Tenth Inning – Dunn (struck out), Konerko(grounded out to first), Gillaspie (flies out to center)




Royals – (runner on first)(strikeout)(stolen base,runner at second)(grounds out third to first)(intentional walk)(walk, bases loaded)(single to right, runner from third scored)




*6 – 5  ROYALS WIN


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